Monday , October 18 2021

This will be Egan Bernal's reception at Zipakira – Cycling – Sport


This Wednesday, the reception will be held at Egan Bernal in Zipakira, as the grand champion of the Tour de France, at a party where people are invited to the Plaza de Los Comuneros.

This will be the party:

The opening of the Plaza de Los Comuneros will be around 5 in the morning to get people ready for the big party. The capacity is 8 thousand people and after reaching the maximum capacity the doors will be closed. There will be two giant screens.

There will be a VIP area where the family and ex-ecists of Egon Bernal such as Fabio Parra, Martin Emilio Cocis Rodriguez, Mauricio Soler will be
and Efraín & # 39; Zipa & # 39; Forero.
There will also be Ernesto Luchena, Director of Caldeports, President of the Colombian Cycling Federation, Jorge Ovidio Gonzalez, Rodolfo Palomino, Mayor of Zipakira, Luis Alfonso Rodriguez, Governor of Cundinamarca, Jorge Emiliopio Rey. Sipakira
and House Representative Jose Caysedo.

At around 9am, images of the Tour de France will be taken on giant screens, and around 10 the Colombian cyclist will arrive at the Plaza de los Comuneros.

Protocols will then be made in which the anthem of Colombia and Zipakira will be heard.

Wait Go to President Ivan Duke, but until this morning, which has not been confirmed by the celebration of the two-year anniversary of the Boyaka Bridge, which will be at 2 p.m. m. If the president cannot go, the rider will not be awarded the Boyaka cross.

Egon will then deliver the replica of the yellow shirt to the Tour de France champion of Colombian cycling and its history. It will be received from the Colombian Cycling Federation commissioned by its President Jorge Ovidio Gonzalez,

The rider will then deliver the original white T-shirt to the young Tour de France champion, Fabio Rodriguez, his first coach.

Then, Egan will publicly acknowledge Fabio Mazuera of the Mesuena Foundation who discovered him in mountaineering.

Finally, Agan will publicly acknowledge Sergio Avelandeda, who was the sports director for Sopo and Tocancipa. There, Egan ran in youth and youth.

At the end of this part of the event, there will be a press conference with approximately 20 questions addressed to champion Egan Bernal and from there he will give six interviews to the selected media.


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