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Turn around in Rappi's case: the hostess places Rappi's backpack and the nickname John Painting, the bicycle


Sebastian Castro Molina, the 24-year-old boy who was presented by police last Tuesday as being arrested for the crime of a domestic worker in the El Limoncito neighborhood, was taken yesterday yesterday in preliminary hearings, and in the middle of the proceedings, the Prosecutor's Office reveals what his alleged involvement in the criminal act.

In the hearing room, early warning and murder lawyer Adolfo Nibels Torres initially indicated the details that led to the death of Angelique Maria Ruis Vega, a fact that happened on Friday, July 5th. He then highlighted some testimony given to Castro Molina's uncle, and another to an individual known by the nickname "Poncho," who reported the activity of the detained person, and how the alleged theft was to be falsified in the house. of El Limoncito. All information has been disclosed to the Third Judge in Criminal Matters, Édgar Bonilla Polo; Defense Attorney, Gabriel Ramos Fontalvo; relatives of the accused and the assistant.

Initially, Niebles Torres told the interrogation, which was made on Saturday, July 6, to a young friend's close friend. This person submitted data on Friday before the woman's murder was recorded.

The prosecutor initiated the testimony as follows: "The uncle who has a hairdresser in San Roque said that on July 5th, the young man went with Rapi's suitcase to work at 11:30 am. According to the man, Sebastian told him he was going to lunch, where Malca (Sebastian's sister), for Ciledco, and from there took the bicycle for her work in the Villa sector … "

The witness, according to the prosecutor, then assured: "My desire is to clarify the facts. And yesterday (Friday) I do not know anything about my nephew.

In addition, according to the researcher, the young man's uncle said: "My nephew has a son-in-law with John Pintau (John Jair Hernandez Olarete), a recognized criminal who attacks the homes. It does not take me that this subject is implicated in this (the case of El Limoncito) and used my nephew to do her misdeeds … ".

In his testimony, the young man's uncle, unknowingly, also sewed Sebastian Castro Molina's version of the alleged sale of Rapi's Fluorescence Suitcase, whose business according to the young man was made in the Almond Park the previous holiday. July 1st. Uncle said his nephew had gone to work on July 5 with Rapi's briefcase loaded on his back.

Similarly, another inconsistency between uncles and nephews is related to working time in Rapi. "Sebastian has worked in Rapi since March 19," the man quotes while the detainee told the prosecutor that he had begun in December 2018.

Voice of Poncho

The representative of the investigative body presents a tornado in the example of the charge against Castro Molina, another testimony of a man known as the Poncho nickname. It is believed that in the Lusero neighborhood it was revealed how the attack to be carried out at Carrera 75's home with Calle 86, owned by farmer Luis Carr, located in the El Limoncito neighborhood.

"As a reward for information about this fact, a human source known as Poncho's nickname said on Saturday, July 6, that the person who planned this event is a man named John Pintura. This guy met in his house and planned to return to the housekeeper's house.

He added that the prosecutor, based on the testimony of the individual, says that "the picture works with people from other cities because the thefts are big sums. There was a pavilion in the yard in his house and they met there. John Pintura was the one who delivered the bicycle and Rapi's briefcase, a pelao named Sebastian. He gave the painting to John Painting because of the proximity between the two. Sebastian has a sister named Malka, who is the wife of John.

Finally, the man told the prosecutor that "in the rooms of the house you can see who committed the theft or planned, the only thing I want is not to reveal my name because Pintura kills me and my family …"

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