Wednesday , August 17 2022

Uber launches modality so users can pay more if they do not want to talk to the driver


The option that allows the user to choose whether or not the driver wants to talk with him has so far been available only in the case of the company's luxury black vehicles (the service known as Uber Black) and has already criticized part of the drivers who believe they "dehumanize," but this Tuesday will have much more scope to be a part of Comfort.

So, from the same Tuesday, when a user in one of the 43 major US cities opens the Uber app on his phone, the first type of trips that appear are UberX (standard service), Pool (shared service with others passengers and much cheaper) and comfort.

Comfort is usually between 20 and 40% more expensive than the standard UberX service and, in addition to more legroom and the possibility of not talking to the driver, modality also includes the guarantee that these are new vehicles. with an average size and a guide rating equal to or greater than 4.85.

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After you request the Comfort service, the customer can choose whether he wants to talk or if he prefers to travel in silence, in addition to asking the driver to prepare the car to find it at its "ideal" temperature when accessing it.

The company based in San Francisco (California, USA) also launched a helicopter service in New York on Tuesday that connects Manhattan Island and JFK Airport in just eight minutes at a price of $ 200 per race.

Whisperers, since they were baptized, will offer a service from Monday to Friday in the afternoon with higher traffic, can be booked at the moment or up to five days in advance and always through the same phone application, which allows ask for a car.

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