Thursday , October 28 2021

Violence of Santa Marta children: Nani accused of abusing two children in Santa Marta | parts


Two minors, aged 7 and 9, were subjected to a series of sexual abuse by your babysitter, in the "ever de Novimbre" neighborhood of Santa Marta.

The fact, as Colonel Gustavo Berdugo, commander of the Metropolitan Police, confirmed, "was not on fire", so investigative work was needed "To establish that a crime has been committed here."

"The lady (the mother of minors) has disclosed this situation through a complaint and there is a response from the authorities to clarify and provide the necessary support", The senior officer emphasized.

The abuse of the nanny would have occurred during the absence of the mother, who was engaged in daytime work. The strange behavior of the children was the trigger for them to understand that the caregiver undresses and manipulates her private parts in order to stimulate them.

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