Friday , May 7 2021

Warcraft will be taken to mobile phones in the style of Pokémon GO | PLAN B Industry

Attention fanatics of Warcraft! The popular video game of the fight created by Blizzard Entertainment It will be very close to reaching mobile phones in the same style of Pokémon GO.

According to Kotaku's website, following the introduction of Diablo Immortal, Blizzard will be preparing to launch a project inspired by Niantic's success as an expanding reality.

At Blizzard, they would think Warcraft stopping could be a huge income, but chief designer Cory Sicken and several members of his team will be major Pokémon followers.

"Developers told me that there are a lot of people in Blizzard who play Pokémon GO (…) The natural sequel to this is that one of Blizzard's development teams has started developing a Warcraft version of Pokémon GO, which is currently being developed for smartphones, "says Cataku.

According to Kotaku, the project will be at an advanced stage and is being tested by members of the company.

Will he succeed? Previously, the Warcraft universe reached cinema and even literary novels. However, the recent edition of Diablo Immortal was not well accepted by gamers.

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