Friday , October 7 2022

What Guillermo Selis is still standing on, what does Miguel Borha cool down


Guillermo Selis and Miguel Angel Borha are the two names that have admirers of Junior. For the revealed midfielder playing Colon de Santa Fe, Junior made an offer and is waiting for a decision.

Selis has always expressed his intention to return to the shark team, but Junior must agree with Vitoria de Guimaraes, the owner of Squrenhoo's sports rights.

Selis is ordered by coach Julio Comesanja. Negotiations continue, but they are not advanced.

The most complicated question is that of the striker Miguel Angel Borha, who has repeatedly declared himself a supporter of the young man. HERALD investigates a source close to the Cordoba player and says the situation is difficult because of the player's salary.

Brazil's Palmeiras bought the striker for $ 11m and a half, and his desire is to sell it to a foreign football to recover as much as possible from the investment made.

"This is a very complicated situation because of the values ​​that Palmeiras manages, which is looking for a transfer abroad and not for Colombia but for Europe." What is certain is that the player wants to play in Junior, his dream is to be in Junior and he told us, but that's a tough question because he has a very high salary, he's unachievable for Columbia, a source close to the player.

Cetré, we'll see

Although he has already accumulated a few days in the city and has already passed medical examinations, Junior still does not endorse the signing of Edwin Ceres, the 21-year-old final who went through Rocha, Uruguay's third division and Mexico's Santos de la League. The player for whom he has few recommendations counts seven months without playing.

The technical staff and the board of directors already had a physical and medical report on Cetré, and at the end of this issue they analyzed the situation last night to decide on the issue.

Comesaña technician said the player was "not a solution," but received good comments from Uruguay's Robert Siboldi, former coach of Santos and exarquero Junior, and from Samario Arturo Reyes, exasistente atletico and current assistant to Carlos Queiroz in the national team of Colombia, which followed Valle del Cauca.

EL HERALDO tried to consult Reyes to find the player's opinion, but Magdalenen's helmsman did not want to talk and clarified that he had not recommended it.

Fernandez returned

After participating in the Copa America closing ceremony, Matthias Fernandez returns to Junior Practices.

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