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Whether more learning hours mean faster or more visible results? Sometimes the anxiety causes us to stay in the gym longer than the average stay of the rest of us. However, fitness coaches usually place a limit on each exercise.

"It does not matter how many hours, but the quality of training. If the exercise is done in good faith, you can not train for more than an hour. A well-done workout does not take more than 40 to 60 minutes. Everything else does not work, "openly Jorge Aldo Guimenoes, a coach of the Ocampo Training Club, in Buenos Aires.

According to the physical coach, it is not necessary to add minutes, but quality in the exercises performed; The most you can train twice a day, separating the aerobic muscle.

"The best thing to do is to always train the muscle, then the aerobic, he says. But this aerobic exercise, added after a bodybuilding session, should not be intense. "It all depends on how the body of each one is determined, but the average is to divide the time between 30 or 40 minutes of bodybuilding and the other 20 or 30 of aerobic exercise," he says.

Giménez gives priority to quality compared to the amount of training. But what is the quality of training? "It means concentrating: you have to forget everything, keep your mobile phone and leave the problems of the house and family later and think about what you will train. You need to visualize every exercise and not simply repeat the series. You have to think about the movement to do it well. They have the same speed that you have to go up and down, "explains the professor.

Following this recommendation, the one who trains well, "between 40 and 60 minutes, is very tired, and the body is exhausted and continues to train longer can cause injury," he warns, "or ultimate fatigue if surplus is honor.

"Exercising more time does not contribute to profits." After a well-trained training, there is an opportunity to add aerobics and nothing else – repeats Gimenes.

Teacher believes in this Much of the confusion in this regard is due to the fact that many people confuse – with what is read or seen in the networks – the training of a normal person with that of a professional athlete or athlete. "In the case of an athlete, it is advisable to take aerobic muscle building exercises or exercise exercises to prepare for a specific activity such as football or tennis, all related to the goals that one wants to achieve: If one wants to have an athlete's physique, train In the morning, add an aerobic exercise in the afternoon. If a man of eighty pounds comes and wants to weigh ninety, with muscle mass (of course, not fat), then he has to go to a dietitian to change the diet is being taught for gain not muscle, "he says.

Gimenez warns of this the extremes are not good and the imposition to go through learning beyond what is right has its consequences. "What can happen if you overtake yourself is that instead of progressing, the body consumes the protein, that is, the muscles," he says. And do not forget that a good break for athletes and the necessary doses is absolutely necessary for progress and they feel good.

A well-done workout does not take more than 40 to 60 minutes. Everything else does not work

Always progressive

In sports, it is crucial to move from less to more, and although each person is different and there may be exceptions, the general rule is that a beginner should start with 45 minutes of workouts, three times a week. Someone who already has training time must bet for sessions of one hour 4 days a week. Since then, we have begun to talk about "advanced" or "experts", people who can study between 60 and 90 minutes, 5 days a week. In any case, break or recovery is essential.

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