Friday , May 20 2022

"Who is not a 23-year-old female?" Says Fernand Martinez to James Rodriguez


Fernando Martinez and James Rodriguez. Photos: Instagram.

James Rodriguez's expert, Fernando Martinez, gave controversial statements about the Colombian player in the Suelta la sopa program in Mexico.

It all began when James's story arrived and they asked Fujar whether the interruption with Daniela Ospina in 2017 had already been announced, to which he replied: "This is the chronicle of a declared death."

Then he continued with contradictory statements that the relationship could not withstand the glory of the National Team's 10th reputation, and sooner or later the spouses would sign the divorce. "The girl's girlfriend is not the doctor's wife. When you get married and grow up too much, it's very difficult for you to stay there, "Martinez said.

Eventually he ended up hinting that James was also a womanizer at that time and that half of Colombia was at his feet: "Is this not a female at 23? With glory, wealth, who is not a woman? But this is not a womanizer, but success brings all these things. I saw him in Europe, in Monte Carlo, in the things I saw. The Colombian actresses. Everyone follows.

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