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World Championship for Women 2019: Megan Rapino's Best Player Profile – International Football – Sports


"It's an insult to women's football, it's a terrible idea to play the Copa America final and the Golden Cup the same day as our final." We are talking about the World Cup final, everything must be paralyzed in football to give us visibility. These were the words of Megan Rapinho, a leader, a symbol and a reference to the United States team. Leader, defends its values ​​on and off the field; symbol, fight for gender equality; reference, shooter and figure of women's football in the World Cup and in the North American society it represents.

The character and personality reflect the captain of the United States National Team, who was crowned yesterday as World Cup champion, defeating the Netherlands with 0: 2. Not only was he selected as the best player in the tournament but also took the gold boot because he was a top scorer with 6 goals; When he had to go head to head of his principles and values, he did it. He even faces the same American president, Donald Trump to establish himself inside and outside the field. And do not doubt that he will fulfill his promise of "not stepping into the White House" to celebrate the fourth world that the North Americans have won.

This is the second world championship, after 2015, which leads to the hair coloring in pink, the four world championships won by the Americans. And this 34-year-old leftist will not go unnoticed in the history of women's football. "I'm getting older, and still able to live these moments, it's just amazing, it's a long adventure, so many things happen that people do not see!" He said after the final, adding, "With age I'm getting older – Sensitive. I'm excited. Seeing this triumph of the team that lives this moment is really special. I was my whole family, my friends. I will let the night, I will celebrate all this.

In 2012, he declared himself a homosexual and always ran all campaigns in favor of equality. Rapino plays as a striker by country and likes to reach the rival area; and just as he fights on the playing field, he does it outside of it. He has always expressed himself against all the situations that suggest some act of homophobia, sexism and machismo. His premise is to seek a fairer society for female footballers who have shown that in the United States they generate much more income than male football.

Although America's winners earn about $ 13,000 in bonuses while women earn 5,000, members of this American team have shown that their good game and talent has made them overcome the men's team in many ways. "Jersey of American women is now number one, male or female football jersey that is sold to in one season, "said Mark Parker, the company's first CEO. Sales increased by 11%. At roughly the same price, Nike has received about $ 7400 million a year. How can you not agree with Rapino? "Everyone is ready for this issue (equality) to move to the next level, fair wages, the market, etc. You have to go to the next level, how to support women's teams and programs, the leagues in the sport. great show, we can not do more to be better ambassadors, we have to take this matter to the next level.

In this World Cup, a player born in Reading (northern California) scored six goals, including compatriot Alex Morgan and English Ellen White. She was also tied to Morgan in the assists (3), but she took the Golden Boot to play less minutes than her compatriot (394 vs. 445). Former Lyon player (from January 2013 to February 2014) led the game against the Netherlands by scoring a goal 16 minutes from the second half for an offense committed by Alex Morgan. As a leader in her team, she did not hesitate to praise one of her young promises – Rose Lavelle ten years younger – who scored a second result in the victory over the Dutch: "Lavelle was very good at the game. is not a rising star, she's already a superstar, "Rapino said.

But I do not think Megan Rapino's legend ended in France's 2019 final. Her legacy has left and will leave a mark on women's football because it has shown us once again that the sport we call football goes beyond that in which 22 players and one ball face each other in a playing field. Rapin's struggle has no limits, even if he has to stop singing his country's anthem to feel against Tramp's minority policy. And this LGBTI emblem fight has always said that we will not go to celebrate this fourth world title of American women in the White House if the president invites the selection. "He does not fight for the same thing as us," he said.

"Football is the most important thing in less important things," says Italian coach Arigo Saky. But for Rapino this phrase remains in the ink because it has shown that football is the most important thing in his life, because it is by one of his greatest passions that he is one of the best players in the world and one of the best, the best players in the world. the most important symbols in the fight for equal rights.

"Then he felt good (at the feast). I usually change a lot, but then I felt good; somebody like me, with the reasons I defend, with a great smile, opening my hands in all my glory, "concludes the captain of the US women's team. Applause and it's about Megan Rapinho!


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