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Xbox One S All-Digital, Analysis. Feature, cost, and review overview

With Xbox One S All-Digital, Microsoft sign one of the most beautiful consoles that have passed through our hands and, in turn, is also one of the most risky. However, it is worth recognizing that this is a minimal aesthetic revision of what the Xbox One S is already adopted in 2016 and at least in a spirit similar to that offered by PSP Go a decade ago.

Winner of the flag jump to digitalThe thin lines of the white machine are giving up the possibility of inserting discs into the machine to await the future that has been going on for years between us, that of a cloud-buying industry instead of shopping centers and neighborhood shops. But unfortunately we have the same problems that are related to the transition from physical to digital games: a little price to your capabilities.

Xbox One With All-Digital


219 euros


63.5 mm × 229 mm × 298 mm


2.45 kg

Output resolution of the video

720p, 1080p, 4K (HDR)


Jaguar 8 cores at 1.75GHz


12 CU (914MHz) 1.23 TF GPU


8 GB of DDR3


1 TB


Double Band, 802.11 a / b / g / n


Gigabit Ethernet, HDMI 2.0a, S / PDIF, USB 3.0, and infrared port

Power supply


Small and beautiful visual, powerful inside

Coming from the design of the Xbox One S and making a few visual changes, there is little to scratch as far as the impressions are concerned. My evolution, from an original Xbox One from the first batch to this one Xbox One With All-DigitalThis is a remarkable change. The furniture in the living room is probably his most grateful, getting rid of the pile that supposed the original edition and the transformer that accompanied him.


Here, occupying 40% less space and the spring that is inside, Microsoft It offers more photographic than the industrial machine. A machine that barely reaches 30 centimeters wide and is much shorter than the original 27 centimeters to only 23. The body that invites to show off rather than struggle to try to hide it.

Completely dead with Kinect, its collection of rear ports is limited to the HDMI input – for watching TV through the console, output, two USB ports, headphone jack, audio. optical and more important than ever in this model, that of the Ethernet cable.


Your gut maintains the same experience. Although to a lesser extent it does not serve as a Blu-ray UHD player, the cult to 4k is available through video on demand and streaming as well as thanks step HDR in compatible TVs.

One of those details, which are based on brighter colors, are appreciated, but they are not at all exceptional.

Facing, probably the best idea I've ever had Microsoft let go of the button buttons with a sensor for years to offer one of the lifetimes to turn on the console. This is done to start the machine cleaning or the passing of a pet.

Next to it, designed to synchronize the controls, another USB port and nothing else, continuing the white lines where previously there was a record on a disc that is now not expected or expected. Absence that serves as the main character of the job, but does not limit it as much as it seems. At least if you came to play, of course.

Used to download games, maybe what I missed most during the test is to be able to use the machine as a movie player. While it is true that like multimedia center video and music level options exist thanks to the compatibility of services such as Netflix, HBO or Spotify, 4K flow quality This is not comparable to what your sister can offer as a Blu-ray UHD player.

Another way to bring this spirit to the second plane to focus on the game, and it even keeps supporting HDMI input for connect the TV or video decoderOne opportunity I have to use enough in his day, but every time there is less sense.

Greetings to a more digital than the physical future

The embrace of the Xbox Game Pass, the Microsoft Game Download Catalog, which for just 10 Euro gives us access to hundreds of titles, is the main asset that moves this Xbox One With All-DigitalWith 1TB hard disk space and storage for more than twenty triple proposals, Redmond's goal is to continue massaging the service that will most likely mark its next generation of consoles.

Added to the use of fibers that do not make you wait too long with your downloads, the format is infinitely more convenient than any other option that you can go through your head. With three moves behind me in just 10 years, every look at a collector that could be completely erased from the face of the Earth, so specify a fully digital catalog Not only does it seem right to me, but I am very applauding.

With a few changes in the interface behind, the Xbox One family has evolved from a mix of entertainment and games to a view that is much more focused on the latter. Being able to enter your catalog momentarily with a few menu combinations is a real joy. Moreover, this also means navigation with all the possible amenities in the catalog of games acquired in One, in previous brand consoles or in various subscription services such as Pass or EA Access games.


Referrals to Netflix are also inevitable in this sense, as you can lose good times in all available options if you have acquired digital games on Xbox 360 or you have decided to pay for the subscription of one of the aforementioned cloud catalogs. ,

Xbox One With All-Digital is a step that at the beginning of this almost vanished generation Microsoft did not dare to give. And although they have suffered the attacks of this intention, after seeing how the years have turned around the situation and saw how they support Xbox Game Pass It was almost unanimous, despite all the experience, returned to error in the most basic.

With the All-Digital version of € 229.95 as the recommended price and One S with a disc player of € 289.95, a user has a question in the head that should not even be seen. Only periods of special discounts such as Prime Day, Black Friday and the like put the digital machine on Microsoft at a truly competitive price with which to be born.

Despite the presence of a hard disk of the same size and three games inside, Forza Horizon 3, Minecraft and Sea of ​​Thieves, only a reduction of over 100 euros compared to the original version makes the jump really attractive. Even for someone like me who is willing to give a door to everything that takes up space on a dust collecting shelf, there is a chance to doubt when both options are so close to each other.

Xbox One S All-Digital, the opinion of Xataka

Xbox One With All-Digital It's a fantastic console. With minimal noise even in the toughest conditions (including summer heat wave) and a perfect cocktail for those who want to dress it up with an Xbox Game Pass subscription, only the comparison of the original nursing bids can sow a doubt about its potential.

Those who consider their purchase or decide to jump expect a fantastic experience, almost instantly in terms of speed and as easy to manage as any of its versions. A machine that can no longer be sold out of time, but stands out as the most consistent option with a digital future this is coming

Once the battle between the physical and the retrieved is overcome, it remains to be seen what role the next battle, the one that faces the precondition for Xbox One With All-Digital streaming. Augurar winners in this battle are like mid-Beta and VHS or Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD, but it's easy to assume that services like Google Stadia still have something to show against a technology that is no longer available no surprise in the eyes.

Drag, drop and drop. And you'll do it at a higher or lower speed depending on your connection but with 1 TB space and catalogs like Xbox Game Passthat you will always have something to pick up while the console warns you that you can switch from one game to another instantly.

In front of its sisters, this edition will always be a minor opportunity only for the fact that it offers less for almost the same price, but the fluctuations of numbers and bids can easily transfer the balance if there are no requirements for second hand games among the reasons for the purchase or collection of physical copies. Yes, like his name, stakes everything digitally, it is impossible that there is no room for disappointment.

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