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Yeison Jiménez and "El Parche" make fun of "blessed and happy"

Yeison Jiméneza singer who turned into glory after releasing her song "Adventure", recently starred in a video on social networks where he accompanied the members of the The "Patch" for recreate a constant situation in friendships.

Colombian is the perfect trio with these two young people who wanted are the typical "maintained" friend exists in all groups; this topic ends "Blessed and happy" to somebody

The video shared in the official profile of The Patch, This is a series of three moments in which this particular type of friend takes advantage of others to get money or gifts at the "I have no money" price.

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"Blessed and happy to Aesen Jimenez # # Supported # Typical # Baby # Label to Supported," wrote the duo in the inscription on the post which already exceeds 80 thousand reproductions on the digital platform.

According to moments related to young people, in different situations is the "supporter" and the one who seeks to take advantage of his small group so that they spend and invite him to things.

In the first snippet of the video, you can see that Jimenez sits in a "patch" room while waiting for an address. When the food arrives, the recipient turns and says this "He placed the order in cash", on which the singer takes money and pays him.

In the second part, The "Patch" is located in a shopping center where He sees a jacket in the shop window and Jimenez tells his friends that he is giving them the garmentAfter that, the troika, which gathers a party, appears, but, as expected, the duo asks Yason to spend the party because he takes a lot of money.

At the end of the clip, the popular artist he realizes that they "catch a pig", so he decides to leave and leave him at the party.

During the video you can hear the song "Bendecida", the new Colombian theme.

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