Tuesday , October 26 2021

Zidane and James Rodriguez, change of mind in Real Madrid League of Spain


As James Rodriguez ended his relationship with Bayern Munich and the German team decided not to use the buy option after a two-year session on behalf of Real Madrid, he began a romance with rumors, alleged offers, and this would be the most unexpected end of all : stay in the White House even though the technician is Zinedine Zidane.

And this is that the French coach was the same as in 2017 he asked the Colombian to be handed out, to find a team for him, because he would not take it into account in the next campaign. Of course, Zizou just won his second Champions League and backed up the titles to decide what he wanted and that Florentino Perez liked every request or request.

But life goes a long way. James had a great season in Germany, and Zidane, in turn, decided to leave his position as coach at Real Madrid. In the next campaign, 2018-2019, James had health issues and conflicting crosses with his coach, Croatia's Nico Kovac, who shortened his minutes in the German squad and made him switch from an undisputed holder to a player with little continuity.

Merengue, meanwhile, has gone through one of its worst campaigns in the last two decades. Julen Lopetegui was directed by Gustavo Solari to finish in the return of Zidane, who had a very glorious immediate past and who made them dream of improving Madrid. But this rebirth has not been so far. On the contrary, Zizou ended the campaign very poorly, and in preparation for the 2019-2020 campaign, it did not perform well and lost confidence.

In the current market, James has called for teams like Arsenal, Manchester United or Juventus. But in the last month, rumors have been reduced to the Italian Napoli, led by Carlo Ancelotti, and Atletico de Madrid. However, negotiations are very slow and the Colombian midfielder had to return to Real Madrid to appear before his coach and start working before the season.

And of course, as expected, Zidane was first asked about James. "I don't know if James will be in Madrid next season. I'm not in it now. I'm here with my players, I think about it here, "Zidane said, showing little interest in what might happen to the Colombian, who, whether or not he likes DT, is a player at the Simplicity Club.

The displacements to James from Zidane continued. At another press conference, given Atletico's supposed interest in signing Rodriguez, the Frenchman wanted to step back and show his apathy. "This is a matter for the club. This is something among them, the presidents, not mine," Zizou said, making it clear that he would not protect the continuity of a player who is the patrimony of the Madrid club.

During the preseason games, Zidane had to deal with the poor performance and injuries of several players he planned to rely on for this campaign and thus be able to cope without James.

In the face of adversity and according to the Spanish press, the pressure of Florentino Perez, combined with the loss of confidence in this new process, Zidane changed his speech. He first said that "James is a team player. You are Registered Anything can happen, but as a coach I have to have all the players at my disposal, "opens the door of persistence for the Colombian.

So this weekend Spain and James League can be considered by Zidane. By conviction or by necessity? It is unknown. The truth is that James' future is not clear: he may still leave because the transfer window has not closed; Or he can stay and stick with Zidane, echoing the contempt of several years ago, condemning him to replace and favor other players, including youth players, over the talented Colombian steering wheel.

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