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Decisions of Farewell November and Camagüey (+ video)


Camagüey, Cuba, Las Clavellinas Revolt, Cuba's History, 150th Anniversary

Yusarys Beniro Deliano / Radio Cadena Agramonte.

It is no accident that couples and couples have been born in the capital city. It is no coincidence that you think that on November 4, 1868, when several groups were committed to Cuban independence, they met to support Carlos Emmancipation of October 10,

In the antecedents of the three churches preceding the rise of the Father of the Nation: a meeting was held in the Rubalcava farm at the meeting of Los Caletones and in Camagüey on August 4, 1868, a movement in the Middle East region of the country.

About 76 young people formed the Clavellinas uprising near the Saramaguacan River in the northern part of the city. With numbers such as Salvador Cisneros Betancourt, Juan Nepomuceno, Manuel, Gregorio and Gerónimo Boza Agramonte – all families – Camagüey's territory fights against Spanish colonization.

Independence ideas in this area were also influenced by the consolidation of previous years by the Soles and Rayos de Bolívar conspiracies and the establishment of the Camagüey Revolutionary Junta and the Tínima Lodge.

It was important to support the East; Francisco Muñoz Rubalcaba suggested that Camaguey should support the uprising plans of the East, when Eduardo Agramonte Piña used the flag of the lonely star called Agüero, ninety years ago.

Pending the concentration of will and resources, while women embroidered rosettes of three colors of the flag of 51, the rebellion was sent for the uprising and continued the sessions.

Finally Camagüey started the war on November 4th. According to historian Elda Cento Gómez Elda, the city seemed to be "a wild hive, for all exits were 10 or 12, often with rifles, others with beaters, others with blunders, many machetees and others, without any weapon," but all this The tomb of "Viva Cuba Libre", and the shame of the children of the El Mayor province. (Photo: Archives)

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