Thursday , October 6 2022

A residential apartment block is being built in the center of Prague. The authorities are just watching


"I have been waiting for the reconstruction of the attic space for over a year and a half and this company has been building here without a permit. It can't happen. And I'm not talking about noise and clutter, "complained the News, but also before the competent authorities, a resident of Vineyards. He contacted the competent authorities and they tried to solve the problem but failed. The office staff were not allowed at all.

Apartments for sale already

"On the basis of additional proposals, the building authority issued a formal inspection of the building, from which the owner of the house apologized. In the meantime, the homeowner is applying for a building permit but has not provided all the necessary details. The construction office will use all legal means to comply with the law, "writes Ilona Chalupska, the representative of the Prague 2 building service.

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The city of Prague is also participating. "We are taking the steps permitted by the Inheritance Act. At the same time, we are coordinating with representatives of the construction administration in Prague 2, which, of course, is legally stronger in relation to illegal construction work, "said municipality spokesman Wit Hoffman.

News also contacted a company that is already offering apartments on this website for sale on the Internet on its website. First, commented Iveta Horvatova, a Ruby Place apartment salesman. She added that "resale without authorization is a common practice." According to Karel Pluhař's media representative, up to 35 percent of total sales are a prerequisite for any financing bank.

In fact, according to various architects, developers offer a pre-sale before they even get a building permit. However, according to the lawyer, it could also be a crime.

"In my opinion, it is legal for the company to offer the apartments only after obtaining a building permit, or. to let people know the actual status of the offer. In practice, some companies have already offered apartments, but they risk taking them. If the building permit cannot be obtained on time or even not issued at all, then the damaged applicants have the opportunity to claim damages. Under certain conditions, it can also be a fraud. Until such a crisis arises, the authorities are in fact unable to intervene against such a procedure, "said lawyer Jan Czerny.

Even environmentalists have not given their consent

A spokesman for Pluhař also claims that the company has commissioned construction companies to perform maintenance, clearing and exploration activities. They are not subject to a building permit. However, according to witnesses and photographs, work was done on site outside the aforementioned. For example, the company demolished the entire roof.
Although the house itself is not a cultural monument, it is protected as part of the inheritance zone of Vinogradi, Zizkov, Vrsovice. That is why Ruby Place has approached environmentalists with a few requests, but they have not yet made positive decisions. However, work is being done on the facade, roof and windows.

According to the News, the whole situation is worrying for all the participating authorities, who, due to non-compliance, are discussing how to proceed in this situation.

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