Sunday , June 13 2021

Apple has introduced the most powerful computer ever!

The new one is called the Mac Pro and has been revised from the first to the last screw against its predecessor. The previous generation, which premiered in 2013, was like a garbage can.

The news has more traditional proportions, the oval structure is replaced with a cuboidal shape. However, everything is done with the precision typical of Apple. Forget the plastic, the entire construction is made of stainless steel. Characteristic of the appearance is a massive front with clear ventilation openings as well as massive metal legs.

Mac Pro

Mac Pro

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The most powerful components

The Apple Corps did not pay attention to it because the most powerful components in the world are hidden inside, the cost of which will probably rise to several hundred thousand crowns.

In the final configuration, Mac Pro will offer a 28-core Intel Xeon processor and even up to 1.5 terabytes of memory – not yet a desktop computer. In addition, the kit can be equipped with several AMD Radeon Vega II graphics cards with 32 GB of memory and 14 teraflops, as well as a special Afterburner graphics accelerator.

Stunning performance

Theoretically, the new Apple logo offers plenty of opportunities to play any game with the highest possible resolution, but more often it will be the choice of real professionals – for example, those who need to edit 8K video clips or edit a large number of photos. Also, this machine will serve graphic designers, architects and developers.

We will still have to wait for accurate information on the price and availability of this news. However, the new ProDisplay XRD monitor will be released with the new Mac Pro. This is a 32-inch panel with 6K resolution that comes directly from Apple. However, its availability and price are still unknown.

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