Friday , December 3 2021

Asteroid rushes to Earth! Its impact would cause a major disaster


At 4.67 kilometers per second, the QQ23 asteroid from 2006 will shine past Earth on Saturday. He informs the Economic Times of his passing.

The asteroid is not as big as the one that deleted the dinosaurs. Nevertheless, it affects NASA experts. If impacted, it could destroy a city or a smaller country. It is between 254 and 568 meters in diameter.

Earth misses about 0.04977 au (astronomical unit, or Earth's average distance from the sun), which is about 7.5 million kilometers. The two neighboring planets, Mars and Venus, are likely to approach Earth at about 56 and 40 million kilometers. The space traveler was first observed on August 21, 2006.

Around the Earth this year is really lively. Two other big asteroids missed it this year. One of them approached 70,000 kilometers closer to the moon.

Watch TV Nova's coverage of the Ryugu Japanese asteroid landing:

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