Thursday , July 29 2021

At the Bridge of the Legion in Prague, they began the weight lifting test. Six 30 tons of cars were hosted on it –

The bridge survey was carried out by the Technical Communication Administration (TSK) in stages since July this year. In the first stage, sampling and survey of material samples from various parts of the bridge were carried out. Until now, diagnostic work only requires partial closure on bridges.

On Monday, however, the final stage of the survey, which included a trial, was launched. Training and other diagnostic work are also planned. Because of this, cars and trams will not pass through the whole week. The closure is currently scheduled until Monday, November 26, at 4:30. For pedestrians, the south sidewalk of the bridge and the lift to Střelecký Island remain open. [celá zpráva]

"We will measure not only bridge deflection but also dynamics with trucks. In the first part, six freight cars will pass the deceleration limit. Dynamic responses that will cause crossings will be measured. The next measurement is static when the car will move to the point where they "It will measure bridge deflection," TSK spokesman Barbora Lišková told the newspaper.

The result is next year

The survey results must be known by the middle of next year, according to which a technical solution for bridge repair will be proposed. It is precisely because of the complexity of the preparatory work that TSK estimates that repairs will not begin until 2020.

The bridges in Prague have been abandoned for a long time. The problem came to the limelight after the fall of Troja at the end of last year. In addition to the Legion Bridge, diagnostics such as the Hlávka Bridge are being carried out and a diagnosis of the Rope Bridge in Southern Connecticut is being prepared. In bad conditions also the Libeňský bridge, which must be temporarily closed at the beginning of the year for cars and trams, Palacky Bridge, Barrandovský Bridge, which was planned for several years to load traffic.

Legion Bridge is the seventh Prague bridge. Built at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, it replaced the original chain bridge named after Emperor Franz I

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