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BIS checked Protopop's husband, link to Russian services found – News.cz

"There was information that the BIS had thoroughly investigated the case of the Protopop husband, and none of them found any indication of a connection to the Russian secret service," said committee member Ondřej Polanský (Pirates).

May 30, 2018
The server does not affect the article by Sabina Eleonka "Police dealt with kidnapping Andrey Babiš juniora". It was said that by the end of 2017, an e-mail signed by Andrei Babiš Jr arrived at the Criminology Institute, in which one of the writers was holding in Ukraine against his will. The police confirmed that she had dealt with the matter, but stated that she had not detected the infringement. But she did not speak to Babiš junior directly.
Monday November 12
The Message List server published a report featuring the son of Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš the younger. Reporters Sabina Slonková and Jiří Kubík arrived in Switzerland in the apartment where she lives with her mother, the first wife of the prime minister.
In a conversation in the door of the apartment and filmed by a hidden camera, Babiš Junior, among other things, said that his father wanted the son to "disappear" in connection with the investigation into the Feast of Nest, in which both face criminal prosecution.
With his disappearance, his travel to the Crimea was also related. There he was taken by the associate of Agrofert, Petr Protopopov, husband of the psychiatrist and politician YOUTH of Ditty Protopop, who had babies in custody and wrote a health report to the police that she could not testify. The Premier's son was offered a choice whether to close him in a psychiatric hospital or to "go for a holiday".
Babiš younger, in the report, says that Protopop is a bit afraid. To his mental health he said he had a "certain diagnosis" and took medication.
Tuesday 13 November
Prime Minister Andrej Babiš, who was in a study in Palermo, Sicily, said his son suffers from a mental disorder and heals himself. According to him, no kidnapping took place. He was confronted with the way the report was filmed.
Doctor Dita Protopopova (ANO) resigned from the post of deputy in Prague 8. She said they offended her and was sorry for "false information" that appeared in the media. "I did not enter politics to threaten my family, and the pressure not only on me, but mainly on my closest in the last hours, is unbearable," she explained.
Opposition ODS, Pirates, SPD, KDU-ČSL, TOP 09 and STAN urged Andrei Babiše to leave the presidency until the Čape Nest case is investigated. They announced the motion for a vote of no confidence in the government.
The Supreme Public Prosecutor's Office announced that it had initiated the City Prosecutor's Office in Prague to investigate the suspicion that Babis Juniors could be kidnapped in the Crimea against their will. This could be a restriction of personal freedom or kidnapping.
President Milos Zeman, at TV Nova, said that the information about the abduction of Babis's son was a wild conspiracy. Asked whether the case could jeopardize the government and its functioning, he said that some politicians had to fail their nerves and recommended that Babis miss him.
Wednesday 14 November
SPO Chairman Tomio Okamura said his Tuesday's performance along with the opposition was driven by other motives. The SPD, according to him, could participate in the government or its support to replace the CSSD. He said it was Babis.
The National Institute of Mental Health said he had examined the reports Dita Protopop wrote and found that he had found no mistakes in them.
Prime Minister Andrei Babis (YO) told reporters that his son suffers from schizophrenia. The case of his kidnapping in the Crimea is, according to him, frustrated and aims to remove it from the Czech political scene.
Thursday 15 November
In a conversation brought by Law, Petr Protopopov admitted that he was Babiš younger in the autumn of 2017 in the Crimea. He said he was an assistant who was supposed to care for a sick premier's son, and that he had a relationship with him as a half-brother.
The senators adopted a resolution calling on Prime Minister Andrei Babis (ANO) to resign in connection with the latest circumstances surrounding the Cape Hat Nest. According to Senators, it is unacceptable that Babis should be in the government's case.
The List has published an e-mail to be from Andrey Babiš junior. He argues against the claim that he must be under constant surveillance and wishes to call the police investigating his "case from Ukraine and Russia."
A spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Marija Zacharov, has responded to the case of alleged kidnapping by the Czech Prime Minister's son. "We have seen reports on this topic. According to the initial analysis we have done, it is very much like a fake report, a provocation made for some internal political goals. We also recorded statements made by the Czech Prime Minister himself, who denied everything. I do not have any further information, "she said.
President Milos Zeman, in an interview with TV Barrandov, said that in the event of a mistrust, the cabinet would be commissioned by the Cabinet again to Babis.
Friday November 16
In an interview with the daily Pravo, Andrej Babiš said that his son's travel to Ukraine and Russia had been paid by him.
At the press conference, Babiš said that despite appeals for resignation in connection with the alleged kidnapping of his son in Crimea, he does not intend to step down and never do so.
Sunday November 18
Babiš's facebook profile, which runs his PR team, revealed a text depicting the Prime Minister's visit to his son. "They already understand how journalists have been abused. That he's trying to abuse my sick son and put him against me … … yesterday we spent about five hours together, talking and playing chess, "he says in the text.
Former wife of Prime Minister Andrei Babis Beat sentenced journalists Sabina Slonkova and Jiří Kubík on Sunday for filming an interview with her ill son with a hidden camera. Their report regards it as an attack on privacy.

The fact that counterintelligence has no information on the influence of Russian services on the case, and chairman Pavel Bělobrádek (KDU-ČSL), told the press conference after the meeting.

"Of course, this means nothing more than the BIS has no news. Of course, this does not mean that some information can not have other components, but that is the position of the Security Information Service on the current case, "said Bělobrádek.

Andrej Babiš younger last autumn in the Crimea

Andrej Babiš younger last autumn in the Crimea

PHOTO: Archives, Law

In connection with the stay of Andrej Babiš the younger in the Crimea-occupied Russia, where he left with the driver of Agrofert and the husband of his doctor Petr Protopopov, there is often talk of possible security risk. Interior Minister Jan Hamacek (CSSD) said at a recent press conference that assessing whether there was a risk for the Czech Republic is on Czech intelligence services.

It should be noted that Czech counter-intelligence is limited by the law when it comes to finding out about the Babiš junior's journey to the Crimea. It can only act on the Czech territory. The two remaining Czech secret services – the Office for Foreign Relations and Information (UZSI) and the Military Intelligence – may check and retrieve information outside the Czech Republic.

Whether they do in the case of Andrej Babiš the younger, they refused to communicate the two services.

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