Saturday , June 12 2021

Bitcoin as a virtual currency. So virtually no one paid him. Is it just an instrument of speculators?

While some companies have crypto-customers, the problem is that few speculators are interested in using them when the price of crypto-loter may increase by another 50% in weeks. This is now a big dilemma of dilemma, Bloomberg points out. Bitkine needs media coverage to attract crowds and become a viable electronic alternative to money. But it has developed a hamster culture that prefers to accumulate before spending.

"One of the reasons is the price and speed at which the battleships take place," said J & T Banka analyst Pavel Riska. "Users had to pay extra for the transaction to be confirmed quickly. It also made a baton unsuitable for low-volume retail deals, "he added.

Kim Grauer, an economist at Chainalysis, confirms his words. "Bitcoin's economic activity continues to be dominated by stock trading," he said, adding that "Bitcoin continues to be used primarily for speculation and is not yet a reality."

However, there are studies showing that the number of users of battlefields is still growing and that it is not a purely investor tool.

From zero to hundred in a few years

The cost of the battlefield, set up in 2009, is increasing significantly this year. Since January he has doubled to nearly $ 9,000 ($ 20,000). In 2017, the Battlefield solidified approximately 1,400% to nearly $ 20,000. (463,000 CZK), but in the following year it dropped by more than 70%.

The use of digital currency in stores at 1.3% of transactions is still below the peak of 2017 when 1.5% of all transactions are reported in stores. Last year, when Bitcoin weakened, he was 0.9%. Bitcoin's payments to so-called P2P transactions or illegal activities of the so- Darknet, which are hard to access, are anonymous parts of the Internet.

The first stock market

Most of the battlefield transactions continue to account for stock exchange activities. This year it is 89.7% from January to April, 91.9% last year, says Chainalysis.

The creator of Bitcoin, the alias developer, Satoshi Nakamoto, had the idea of ​​using cryptoLight in everyday deals, from buying coffee to renting a car.

Recently, investors point out that the battleship has become a digital version of gold – an asset that holds value at a time of economic uncertainty, as a battleship has no links to shares or bonds. But it can only be a desirable thinking, Bloomberg writes.

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