Monday , October 25 2021

Brilliant billionaire Janicek presented cannabis cosmetics on the Czech market


Entrepreneur and billionaire Karel Janeček expanded his business and invested in the creation of a new Czech cosmetic brand Canneff. Cannabis-based products were introduced in Prague by CB21 Pharma and were the first in the European Union to launch on the Czech market. Janecek, together with a group of investors and scientists, founded CB21 Pharma last fall when joining it through xMed21, the majority owner.

Six years ago Janacek's chemist Jan Shortch contacted the Institute of Chemical Processes at the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic to help extract cannabis and eliminate psychotropic substances such as THC.

Storch and his team of scientists then developed an industrial method for separating cannabinoids from technical cannabis. The resulting natural molecules can be used in cosmetics. Later Storch became CEO of the company.

In the Czech Republic, the distribution of the Canneff cosmetic brand is still under development, it is likely to be available via an e-shop and in the pharmacies network. Somewhere in the European Union is not yet sold, but the mark is already registered. For the first time, it began selling in summer last year to pharmacies in Jamaica where it was prescribed by doctors.

"It has gradually grown to other Caribbean islands, the biggest success would be in Mexico and Brazil, with Mexico and Colombia being registered," Storch said.

Janeček has been dealing with cannabis and its healing effects for several years. As he said at a press conference on Tuesday, he invested 80 million Czech crowns in it, not always effective. At CB21 Pharma he partly participated in the strategy.

"But not to Kanny, but to the experts," Genechek said. XMed21 owns a 70% stake in CB21 Pharma. Other investors include Vladimir Hoffman and Peter Lavitchka from EMUN's partners.

Last year, Janez left the Neuron Fund, which he founded. Other sponsors have remained in the fund to support basic research. Some members of the Board of Directors and the Scientific Council did not agree to use a mathematical formula to calculate the financial rewards for universally recognized scientists.

The dispute resulted in a partial replacement of the Board of Directors. The Fund ultimately establishes itself with Gennacek financially, Jerecek transfers all his rights to his heirs and remains a patron of mathematical discipline.

Janeček is still the largest shareholder in RSJ's financial group with a 21.12% share. However, he is also active in pilot 21, which manufactures flight simulators, and in the Up21 startup incubator. "But at least I do business, otherwise I'm dealing with the electoral system and social reforms," ​​he said. Still as a mathematician he explores the "number 21" he considers extraordinary.

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