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Cadillac XT4. Chlapck Amerian is chasing the Czech Republic

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The white rhino is one of the largest creatures on earth. And for the XT4, this nickname fits perfectly. One of the first pieces that the Czech company Tucar imported from Canada to go through before importing European versions was approx. In the same case, the US article from.

The loss of the new Cadillac, in addition to Kansas in Anghaji, wants to be an unprecedented alternative to the traditions of offering crossover riders on European roads. Cadillac has probably the most sophisticated and distinctive design of the current American production. The immaculately broken detail forms are clearly distinguishable and unique.


Car strength Tuponos p dv. In general, the whole car is even compact, but not large. It's an American touch of modern style.

And ride as it seems. With a cushion that fosters the impression of celebration, close the door, communicate in large seat cushions, sized to carry American asses, nice material around, print. The tool is a regular combination of touches of modernity and buttons of rationality. What you need to control blindly is a mechanical button or in general, the passenger can then view the information on the touch screen.

Cadillac XT4 in a scarf

  • length x ka x cover x wheelbase (mm): 4599 x 1881 x 1627 x 2779
  • trunk capacity: 637 – 1385 liters
  • engine: gasoline, gasoline 1998 ccm, 177 kW, 350 Nm
  • base price: 1,052,700 K

The only thing that bothered us was the pulse control of the automatic transmission (return to the same position). often you have to be careful how with nm hbe.

There is enough space in both cabins, the interior of the cabin is more expensive. The boot is not the largest, especially when you close the blinds, the bag space is quite small.

Convenient pedem

The chassis is probably right up the road orange orange in our rij retardr. The 235/60 R18 high tires and chassis filter it. Do not delay before the chandelier and the thresholds of the road, as well as high stairs.

The stupidity of American fat eating does not mean insecurity or Moscow's illness. With great springs and mufflers, the car sways elastically, muffling scabs on the road and disturbed by the landscape. True, he didn't like the arrests at all, he was a little crazy about the sharp edge of the rhino. It's something for something: comfort for ferocity, it's a good deal.

This is a classic modern SUV with a self-supporting body, front wheel drive and front or all-wheel drive. It was built on the GM E2 platform, used either on the Chevrolet Malibu or on the Opel Insignia (which is a legacy of previous German characters who owned GM for 100 years). The Cadillac XT4 is 4.6 meters long, with a wheelbase of 278 centimeters.


The 2 liter turbo petrol is the only variant for the XT4. In a seven-inch SUV, Europeans are accustomed to buying a diesel engine, and the XT4 gasoline bar shows why it's a good choice and not.

A nine-stage planetary machine with a GM monk advertised seamlessly, with the power of the pub in the pub expressing in the name of efficiency, not cruelty. The gearbox operates with 350 tonnes of newtons, available from 1500 rpm; often but gently. By the time you hit it, the engine used to give you little things, what with the XT4 then moving the bitch, but somehow to the calming nature of car accidents.

Gearbox for front or all wheels. The hydraulically actuated field clutch also slides on the rear wheels when sliding. But in some modes only, the Cadillac system is a low-cost copper, with a clutch and thus the rear wheel drive is completely turned off.

The diesel engine is equipped with a half-wolf split system to save gasoline. At eight you will go d, but sp will be ten liters of gasoline. At 240 hp this is a solar value, only those on the XT4 just young Route 66 rebels don't want. Run a clearing stick from the suburbs of Los Angeles. We must add that competition with such a powerful engine will run at the same fuel consumption.

For me, an electronic shock absorber lower wheel is active, the choice is twenty-inch wheels, we can do without intelligent chassis, and we recommend that you stay on the base eights and put them in fairly tall bakers, you fit perfectly in the XT4 and two that are soothing character,

Prices start at just over a million kroner, this pearly white rhinoceros stuffed and after a hundred, costs 1.6 million. This implies a target group that wants to compete with the Audi Q5 or BMW X3 premium brand SUVs.

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