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Calm from Zimola won't, he said

However, at the end of January, the representative and former mayor of the Czech Republic, Ondřej Veselý, will try to prepare it. "I don't think it's quiet at the party. Even though it might not look extraordinary, Jiří Zimola maintains its taste. Against Slavek Sobotka he is even harder. If he returns to this model, there will be a lot to hear," Vesely said.

Although Zimola did not agree, the resignation did not please him. "I'm angry with him. Has he tried a lot in leadership and then let him go like that? That is incomprehensible," said the Scythian representative. He responded to a press conference on Wednesday in which Zimola said goodbye to the head of CSSD, saying it "dominated the river that would not be buried by the party." [celá zpráva]

Veselý wants to fight Zimol as chairman of the South Bohemian Social Democratic Party (CSSD) at a regional conference on January 26. "I've decided to do it," he told Pravo.

I'm sorry because Jirka Zimola leftJaroslav Foldyna, Deputy Chair of CSSD

Generally, in CSSD, Zimol's departure is part of a tactic to get big profits. The question is whether he will try to do it in March at the congress or later. The point is at least that the position of "right hand" of chairman Jan Hamáček might not be interested. This is more likely to aspire directly to his position.

He does not exclude it in interviews for Law. "I don't want to lie to you. Don't ever say never. I will see what mood will be at the party," Zimola said after meeting the Central Executive Committee in October, where he received widespread criticism.

Foldyna doesn't know what to expect

That Zimola has something to say, also thought Deputy Chair of CSSD Jaroslav Foldyna. "The way to leave this is a certain gesture. This is a question about what is expected of it, I do not want to speculate. I am also not happy with CSSD's self-reflection after the election. I am sure that we need strong change," he said.

Like Zimola, Foldyna with the rest of the BMA is not suitable in many ways. He himself considered leaving the front of the party immediately after the beating in the city election, but eventually he changed his mind. "I can try to change CSSD as deputy chairman. That I did not do it right, that is true. But I have limits for the congress. I am sorry that Jirka Zimola left. She has things she does not want to say to the leadership, the presidium. The Central Committee, "he told Law Foldyn. With colleagues in leadership a new situation is being discussed today at the Bureau.

In the ZSSO platform, Zimola is working with former South Moravian Governor Michal Hašek, ZSSZ not to wake up resignation. "He has been talking about it for a while. He offered the President a hand to work together, and he de facto rejected it. I continued to attack Zimol, I understood his decision. He created space to respond to what happened," said Zdeněk Škromach, executor and platformer.

The influence of the platform, which defines itself as an informal place for discussion, is likely to continue in CSSD. After all, Hasek was close to Minister of Agriculture Miroslav Toman (not for CSSD), where he acted as Chair of the Legislation Commission.

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