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Celebration on November 17 at Havel and Macron camps

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On November 7, I was in the middle of my life, I was in a cork, and my mother ran it so that even though she was full of hormones, she wondered what was happening, and she feared that it would not happen. I was surprised that it was that and it was many of my friends, my generation to work as much as I wanted, to travel where I wanted to go and what I wanted. Not for good reasons to celebrate, not to celebrate freedom, and hope that you will all be here and have a penis, invite actor Tereza Vokov to celebrate Communism.

The celebration will take place for the first time this year at the National Theater, from the National Theater and from the Jungmann Show. Korzo Nrodn celebrates concerts, theater performances, arts, pubs, or children's programs. Tap Tap bands or Ji Stivn jazz musicians, in the alternative theater room DUP 39, will be played by the Audience Vclava Havel adaptation with the word Antiwords.

In the literary program on the National Theater piazzet, which is called by Vclav Havel in nadszce organizto slavnosti, Zdenk Svrk, Anna Geislerov or Michael antovsk. Also there will be no photos and no vtvarn.

At the Concert for the Future in Vrchlabí, the performance of the Vask Prask, Prago Union or Barbora Polkov. At the event, Juraj eliga, who was behind the initiative for Sun of Slovakia, was leading protests over the wrestling of Jana Kuciak newspaper, or Lex Paulson, one of Barack Obama's American expatriate election campaigns and French President Emmanuel Macron. Last year, 62 people attended Vrchlabí nmst. Hopefully, we can repeat it, or if it goes down, Jan Gregar said of the Concert initiative for the Future.

So, for n est and freedom not words

The prize money at the National Theater would be swept away by anti-Communist resistance and Ji Svtlk's political influence, Milena Blatn, helped her in the uranium mine, defeated political accomplice Helena Kocinov, a day before her feet supporting her wives, and Marta Szilrdov, saving lives during the death march . Every year we appreciate the personality that has been told in their lives, that freedom, freedom and human dignity are not just words from that word, eclectic Jan Holcov from the Bellum Post initiative. This year, this combined such motives, helped someone in life, and posed a big risk, or they were persecuted in some Communist rulers, said Holcov.

The Pietn event took place at Velvka's College and on the road, in Albertov there will be speeches by academics and students. The Prague Center will pass the mask of innuendo of the mask with an allegorical car and Sametov music generated by the initiative group and student groups.

Demonstrations and Initiatives on Speech Engagement in collaboration with Pulse of Europe and various other groups. This event took place in Hradansk, we reached Vclavsk nmst. The main motto on November 17 is that truth and enthusiasm must be flooded and uncertain, and we have the feeling that it is a bit political. Minorities, non-profit organizations and newspapers are ureni, said Jan Cemper.

In accordance with non-institutional democracy, he needs people. M, but what kind of democracy do I choose? What does it mean today for freedom? he will try to talk and talk about freedom, current and future problems. We believe that we can agree to this and that the details may not divide, as stated in the joint initiative memorandum, which will take place on November 17 under the name of the Freedom Festival. Polls are available on the Freedom Freedom website, where people can judge 100 years of independence or tell who the hero was at the time.

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