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Chek Olympians from Grenoble and Mexico met in 50 years

update: 22.11.2018 17:55

Prague – Czech Olympians meeting in Grenoble and Mexico today met in 50 years. At the meeting, 62, including thirteen medalists, received commemorative glass medals. From the Olympic champions came only the shooter Jan Curka. Only Milena Duchkova-Nevestova, who has won gold in water in Mexico, is the rest. From Vancouver, Canada, where he lives, this time he could not come to Prague.

A similar meeting, organized by the Czech Olympic Committee, was held for the third time. Former successful athletes can not only talk to their ex-companions, but also watch documentary films by director František Papushek for both Olympiads.

This winter, the French Grenoble sparked the ski jumping Jiri Raška, who became the first Czechoslovak winner of the ZOH. He also added silver to the gold on the middle bridge. "I think we can hardly go home with more success and I remember a lot," Rudolf Hönl of the team said. Zdenec Rem came from the party around the coach as the only one. Rashka died in 2012 and does not seem to be able to reach the health of all other jumpers.

On the left side of the former hockey players Joseph Cherny, York Kocha, Jan Clapach and Jan Havel at the Olympics after 50 years of games in Grenoble and Mexico in 1968, 22 November 2018 in Prague. The only goal of gold was the hockey players in Grenoble. They defeated the then Soviet Union, but equality with Sweden is a triumph. Even today, they recalled how Joseph Golanca had a winning goal for the hockey player. "He fired, but the goal was not, and the Swedes were terribly difficult because they were third," said Gian Klapáč, grandfather of the double Olympic winner Ester Ledecká.

Hero of the Olympics in Mexico was the gymnast Věra Čáslavská. In addition to four gold and one silver individual medal, the Czechoslovak Coop helped the silver. Her girls were remembered today without her because Kazov had thought of a serious illness. "She was the best she was a strong person We loved her We were glad we could live while our gymnastics was the best in the world Sorry we could not be here because we all come from this team so they are watching us, "said Bohumil Gryshiatkova.

Sports shooter Jan Kurika, a gold medalist from Mexico, at the Olympics after 50 years of games in Grenoble and Mexico in 1968, 22 November 2018 in Prague. The Olympic winner in the shooting of each loft lying down reminded that he had learned about his victory in the Olympic village for an hour and a half after the last blow was burned. He knew he shot a lot, but the performances were counted manually. "In my time, every goal that went to a barbecue went to the committee, there were three members of the group and that was just before it was nine," he said. Finally, the world record was 598 points and the Olympic gold.

In addition to Čáslavská, Kůrky and Duchková, she received gold in Mexico at the time, eighteen, Miloslava Rekova, who died in 2014.



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