Friday , December 3 2021

Coat of Arms: A Shocking Confession! Cannole caught her for healing!


Vlashka Erbova finds it difficult to meet with her outside partner Tomasz Chipka. She admitted she should even seek professional help!

Tomas Chipka did not give her a room with Katerina Kristelova. Although Erbova tried to solve everything by a lawyer, the couple avenged the place where they could. In fact, the court did not go out with the former footballer.

But the other side also suffers because Erbova had to instruct a psychologist to help her. "I had to look for professional help, and for two years I received therapies for a psychologist and a psychiatrist once a week, trying to overcome my problems with an impartial one," said Flash.

"If I did not, I would be in a madhouse, and I can not afford it as the mother of two underage children, I'm not like a father who does not care and where we all know," she added.

He does not feel any regret or hatred for him, just wants to protect the children. "My daughter has already received attacks from her classmates at school, and Marcus is about to wait.

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