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COMMENT: Where will Hirt and Stybar sign? Contract play is not always fair

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That's why their performance in years of signing is more important than ever. Potential employers analyze the ability of riders to offer offers.

Or not.

The Italian Giro competition has become a fateful event for Jan Herth.

Last year, as leader of the Polish Second League CCC team, he shined in the mountain stages and took a total of 12th place. He then had attractive menus from many of the world's elite world stables, including Astana, Kazakhstan.

"I'll go to some stables for first-time farming without Giro, but that's a lot easier," he said. "And the amount the teams offered me continued to grow during Jiro.

Giro d'Italia 2019

especially the application

Two years passed. Again, we are at Gira and Hirt on Italian roads, already in Astana's tricot, again showing everyone how big the climber is. In the royal phase, when the team allows him to escape, the other end. In the rest he fulfills the duties of an assistant to Columbus Lopez and appears in the mountain as one of the most powerful assistants in the whole Peloton.

At the same time it is time to negotiate the next contract. Giro's presentation provided him with no problem with another contract.

But where should I sign?

Giuseppe Martinelli, head of Astana, praised him in an interview with MF DNES about how he is a good assistant to Gira and how he has gathered from spring health problems. He then added that the talks would begin after Giro, but Astana would probably be interested in keeping Hurt in the team.

But can he be a leader in some races in the future? "He has no DNA leader," says Martinelli.

Hirt has repeatedly stated that he does not mind helping a stronger colleague if he has a chance to win a big race. This year, however, in one of the interviews, he pointed out that he sometimes lacks the position of a leader.

"I have no other contract yet," he said to Giro. Anyway, he will have to vote. Staying in rich Astana and helping colleagues? Or maybe, maybe a little less pay, to compete more for yourself? Contract play is also an eternal battle for personal ambitions and money.

This year Astana was not the team leader before the race. It was only later that he had come to the races around the Emirates and around the Alps, when the initially determined stable people failed.

In the Grand Tour, his team allowed him to go to the escape mountain at the 16th stage.

On the other hand, in the service of Miguel Angel Lopez, he could have sought to win the Grand Tour in the role of a supermodel in the future.

If he decides to go elsewhere, the CCC may re-enter the game. Hirt's former employer, after being "swallowed up" by the BMC team, has been promoted to the World Tour stables, but is in a shortage of leaders in the overall ranking, although it is a possible transfer of Ilnura Zakarina from Kathisha.

Hirt's abilities and ambitions could also suit a team that would not be the leader in the leaderboard, but would have great freedom to go to the mountain to fight for stages or even trick. For example, Italian cyclist Giulio Chikkone of Trek's team already plays such a role in Girah. In it the main leader was Bauke Mollem, the leader of the Dutch, who sometimes helped Ciccone, but he also had enough room for his own actions.

By the start of the tour or at the latest on the second day of the tour, the riders want to be aware of their next season contracts.

However, sometimes even the best performances do not help the employer to keep you. Probably soon Zdeněk Štybar will understand, although the season still lives for the first time in the World Tour class – and twice.

Where shall we go? Staying or leaving? Shibbar will deal with another contract in the summer

He also ends the contract. It seems logical that Deceuninck – Quick-Step wants to keep this season. However, Patrick Lefeur's management team has a limited budget.

Lefevere has already signed a contract with Alaphilipp, the first person in the world to gain a significant boost. And he wants to keep the Belgian star Philip Gilbert, this year's champion Paris – Ruby. Gilbert would also be more expensive.

So Lefever does not have enough money to pay for the salary Stybar deserves in the Belgian stables this year – and of course he does not want to get the money after such a successful season.

From Stibar's statements at a press conference last week, it was clear from the ranks that leaving for another team is seriously considering being satisfied with Quick-Step.

The game of the contract is a complex jungle where the athletes' performance is often not determined by the athletes' fate, but by the national interests of the stable bosses, the sponsors' demands, the sympathy of the employers.

The sound of this game is not always fair in any great professional sport, because professionalism is above all a rude business.

In the pink bumper. Carapaz captured the stars in Gira

At the same time, Dimension Data postpones some of its riders' bonuses to poor African children to go to distant schools. Esteban Chávez from Mittalton – Scott, winner of the 19th stage of Gira, is funding a youth club in Colombia for change, also for children from disadvantaged families. Peasant Richard Carapaz, one of Ecuador's biggest celebrities and Jira's champion last week, wants to use his new positions to promote bicycle and sports programs in Ecuador's schools.

Ecuador Richard Carapaz poses with a trophy for the winner of Giro Cycling ...
Surprise. Ecuador has become a stunning winner of the 102th Giro d 'Italia ...

Of course, these examples and others are just blinking. But let's be happy for them.

Jan Hurt and other cyclists change their career in Giro or Tour.

However, the effects of professional cycling can improve the lives of many others who will never go to Jiro or tour.

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