Monday , June 21 2021

CSSD criticized Babies for his "joke" about sacrificing the Apple Store store building

Twitter's government social democracy was criticized by Prime Minister Andrea Babis, head of the company, for talking about the possible opening of the Apple Store in Prague after Thursday's meeting with Apple's Tim Technology Coach in Davos. But the prime minister commented that trade could arise in the Old Town Square of the building where the Department of Regional Development (MRD) now lives.

The CSSD, the Babisova ANO coalition partner, mentioned in this regard the meeting of her Minister for Labor and Social Affairs, Jana Malachova, in Switzerland, where a traditional economic forum is held. "We in Davos do not distribute buildings at ministries of multinational companies like Andrei Babis. CSSD is Zhana Malakova in Switzerland and it's about how to help those who can not afford a delicious apple, "said ČSSD in his Twitter account.

Babis did not want to see how long the Apple Store in Prague could be. According to him, finding a suitable place is also a matter, as the company requires prestigious places for its business. In exaggeration he talks about the MMR building on Old Town Square. Babis urges government officials to move from palaces in the center of Prague to the newly-built Lietnanyi district, which, however, rejects the leadership of the capital.

Apple releases around 400 of its branded stores around the world. There is no one in Central and Eastern Europe, the closest to the Czech point of view is in Berlin.

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