Wednesday , June 16 2021

Danish handball players in the semi-final of the championship crushed the title defense. The gold premiere will be played with Norway

Annegret Hilse, Reuters

The Danes have proven from the start of the semi-finals that the World Cup is better than France. The choice of the Gallic cock does not seem to have missed the offensive ability of the cannon Nicholas Carabatice, who recovered from injuries to his foot but at least played minimally in the championship.

In the first half the French have left several judgments and lost much after the introduction. In the first half, the Danish team successfully completed 81% of the attacks and created a lead of six points from 21:15.

He invited Mathias Mouche from Germany in the semifinal battle of MS against Norway.

Martin Meisner, CTK / AP

They relied heavily on the irresistible Hansen. The 35-year-old team scored seven times in the first game and added five more goals after a pause. The Nordic players in the second half rebounded to a ten-goal margin and enjoyed the final.

France defeated last year's defeat of the bronze match of the European Championship and continued to win the 2016 Olympics. On Sunday, they will aim for the last gold they missed in a rich collection. France, on the contrary, will not reach the third triumph of the World Cup.

The second semi-final, led by the Czech pair of judges Horak and Novotni, was more balanced than the knowledge. The local Germans were leading at the beginning, but about half of the first half, the Norwegians who defended well and went into the locker room, took the break with the leadership of 14:12.

A difficult battle between Stefan Fat (left) from Germany and Goran Johannesen from Norway.

Martin Meisner, CTK / AP

The silver medalists have kept their lead after the break, and the Germans have never moved closer than the two-goal range and the final is very experienced.

The Norwegians will have a second attempt to get their first gold from a major event after the final defeat with France. On the other hand, the Germans did not start a home triumph in 2007 when, unlike this year, they hosted the world championship itself. This time they shared the event with Denmark.

Handball players in Germany and Denmark – semifinal in Hamburg:
Denmark – France 38:30 (21:15)
Most Goals: M. Hansen 12/4, Lauge 6, Olsen, Zachariassen after 5 – Mahé 8/2, Richardson 6/2, Ness Guessan 4.
Germany – Norway 25:31 (12:14)
Most Goals: Gensheimer 7/4, Böhm 6, Wiede 5, Groetzki 2 – Röd 7, Myrhol, Sagosen 6, Jöndal 4/3, Björnsen 3.

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