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Downhill Snowbikes Forbidden Defenders – Novinky.cz

Restrictions will continue until the end of summer holidays. "Tourists can continue to use the paved jubilee trip or another official route in both directions. Too many people visit Snezka in the summer and the point is not to hate each other there, "said Jakub Kashpar, Deputy Director of the Krkonose National Park Administration.

"It must be remembered that the road from Růžová hora is still under reconstruction, which is therefore closed on weekdays," Kashpar said. Tourists will be warned with information signs. Polish protectors have closed down the Snezka downhill track for the past few years when attendance on the roof of Bohemia and the entire giant mountain increases disproportionately.

Restrictions will continue until the end of summer holidays.

Restrictions will continue until the end of summer holidays.

PHOTO: Vladislav Prousa, Law

The highest Czech mountain was visited by 3.8 million people last year. Visiting invasion is the danger of devastating the nature of the most precious places of the National Park, which slowly becomes Disneyland.

Snezka's peak, which is one of the most protected sites in national parks, attacks about ten thousand people during the peak hours. "This trend continues. While the total number of visitors to Krkonose increased by 5% last year, the increase in the popularity of the National Park area is twice as high as last year, "said Robin Bönings, Director of Krkonose National Park Administration.

Defenders mean tourists, ignoring the downhill, to draw attention to the ruthlessness of other visitors. The competence of the Czech and Polish nature guards allows for a criminal block. But they do not want to use sanctions. For the ignorant, satisfaction can represent different manifestations of other tourists. People can fill the merciless Snezka visitors with a whirlwind of insatiable curses.

Tourists are also attracted by interactive trails.

Tourists are also attracted by interactive natural paths.

PHOTO: Vladislav Prousa, Law

"This is a measure for people not to interfere with each other along the track, which I hope most people will understand," Kaspar said. Snezka's visit can only be adjusted with the capacity of the Pecs Gondola, limited to 2.5 thousand Passengers per day. "We do not have the legal powers to limit the number of people at the top," Kashpar said.

Conservatives try to direct tourists to other attractive places in the Giant Mountains at peak hours. "We explain that Snezhka is not inflatable, and if the visit reaches its peak, it will not be good. Tourists have information about the current situation, "Kaspar says. The Krkonose Mountains still offer new tourist attractions, including last year's Playhouse landscape over Večka orpa or the tree-lined path in the Janské Lázně Valley, which is designed to relieve the popular sites. Tourists are also attracted by interactive natural paths. Routes of four to ten kilometers combine game with knowledge and motivate them for tourism.

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