Tuesday , May 11 2021

Eating pizza with sticks? Dolce & Gabbana set aside a show in China on charges of racism

The new Dolce & Gabbana branding campaign revived China. The Chinese do not value too much on social networks to tighten their national stereotypes and clips of the famous brand as racist. The company, even on the basis of a wave of protests, had to cancel the planned fashion show.

In a series of three videos for fashion houses a Chinese woman dressed in dresses giggles, and in vain attempts to eat pizza or spaghetti using Chinese sticks.

However, the innocuous combination of Chinese and Italian culture has prompted many Chinese to social networks to oppose the campaign as a mockery. Dozens of local people subsequently called for a boycott of fashion shows and branded products. For example, a popular Chinese film actress Zhang Chan, known by the film Tiger and Dragon or Geisha, announced that she would no longer cooperate with her and her clothes would stop buying.

The videos come from the campaign of DG "Lovec Clubs", which has an Italian brand to open the way to the Middle Reich market. However, due to unexpected criticism and boycott, the organizers even had to cancel a fashion show in Shanghai about an hour before the start.

Dolce and Gabbana subsequently announced they were moving on Wednesday in another term, but the company did not give a reason. The company then publicly apologized for the poor reception of the videos and assured that it "respected China".

The case, however, began to shrink again when the established account of the co-founder of the Italian brand, Stefan Gabana, began to appear highly racist at the expense of the Chinese. According to the company, however, the attack of the hackers has attacked the designer's personal profile.

Stefan Gaban's statement about his Instagram:

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