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Electric cars and hybrids are increasing along Czech roads. This is not enough for Europe


A total of 150 314 new passenger cars were registered in the vehicle register by the end of July, up 9% from the previous year. Depending on the type of drive, the increase is highest in hybrids, while the largest decrease is in vehicles with propane-butane and propane-butane. Nearly one-fifth sold fewer diesel cars and a 3.3 percent drop in gasoline cars.

"A record number of new passenger car registrations – 421, have been recorded in the last seven months, up from 25 on an annual basis," said CDV Director Jindřich Frič. On the other hand, the plug-in hybrids were slightly weaker than the 32 cars of the 156 registered cars. The plug-in hybrid can also be charged with an electric cable, while in a conventional hybrid the battery of an electric vehicle is charged while running with an internal combustion engine.

Registration of new cars with fuel
(January – July)
2018 109150 51366 1540 593 396 188 2328 165422
2019 105519 40838 1029 331 421 156 4283 150314
year by year
% change
-3.3 -20.5 -33.2 -44.2 6.3 -17 84 -9.1
Data source: SDA / Central Vehicle Registry, ACEA

"In the Czech Republic, electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids accounted for only 0.38% of all newly registered passenger cars in 2019; only every 263 newly registered passenger car is called a plugin. In order to get closer to the European average (EU countries), the share of newly registered electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids should be more than five times higher, "Fritsch said.

He leads Nissan and VW

In the Netherlands or Sweden, for example, the share is about six percent. In Norway (non-EU), nearly half of new electric cars are sold. [celá zpráva]

The leader in the Czech passenger car market this year was 99 Nissan registrations. Volkswagen registered 73 registrations, BMW 68, Tesla 56, Hyundai 53 and Jaguar 34. Most plug-in hybrids (36) were sold by Mitsubishi, followed by Volvo, Mini and Hyundai.


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