Friday , October 7 2022

Empty stands and silence in Eden. Football funeral, flying slvist


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For the second time in Prague, football is played with closed eyes. In the face of discontent, supporters of the Europa League could not spare.

On Saturday I saw a row at Slavia.

She knocked on the winds that had happened in the past against the breaking. Several fans have thrown candles in the guest fan sector.

The Disciplinary Board was uncompromising. The verdict? Opening of the grandstand for one race, the condition by the end of the year and a fine of CZK 250,000.


Closed. Slavia plays with Liberec on the face.

Fans made a problem of what to do. It was so expensive to do the same. On the other hand, there is the rest that worships the sun. And that is unfair to them, said Luca Shirotide.

First, Shrovetide was a hero of salvation. After 39 minutes he ran to the center of Tome Suk and headed for the brilliance of Liberec Philip Nguyen. There were no gates at the gate.

But it wasn't much of a celebration, the shooter admitted stupid. Of course, happy, but the mistake of the euphoria that is when you come 15 thousand. Or when Tribune North is full, it explodes.

Plus the fans ahead. When the cross comes, when we choke, we will help. What happened today was Tom Hole, who joined the main team of Prague for the first time in the Championship.

A motivational slvistick game was attempted by at least Jindich Trpiovsk. His encouragement and his voice commands were all over the stadium. The only ones who enjoy this are our vocal strings, laughing.

But then he added: It was a football funeral, sad. It was like running right somewhere in Austria. He didn't drink like a league game. Suffering for the individual, we are the most punished about football and seventeen or eighteen thousand more. Even Isoupe would like it complete.

Slavia – Liberec 1: 0, match without spectators decided Masopust, Stanchio failed

Past news

At least the ambiance of the atmosphere created roughly visiting fans who were among the sponsors of the Liberec club.

So were the heavenly boxes around the perimeter of the collapsing podium. On the other hand, there was a lamentable cry.

We had a home atmosphere with ourselves, not with Slavia, said Liberec brank Nguyen. But otherwise it was sad, that's the code, he added.

You go to Slavia, where the biggest fan goes. They are beautiful confessions. When you have an empty stadium, it's weird, thanks to guest Radim Bray.

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