Tuesday , May 11 2021

Enraged by RegioJet and Leo Express, he received eight years in prison – News.cz

Thirty-four-year-old Andrei Kopecke has submitted a lyric on Facebook, which reads: "Train Bomber Three of the RegioJet and Leo Express trains currently on the territory of the Czech Republic are powered by an explosive reactive system. 180 minutes after sending this message. "

He requested 75,000 euros (less than two million crowns) paid in the virtual currency of the beef. According to the prosecutor's office, RegioJet was blackmailed in the same way, sending outrageous emails directly to Radim Yankoura. According to the indictment, he requested payment of several tens of thousands of euros.

This is a person who has been convicted several times. The police began to pursue it as a fugitive in connection with this case. In cooperation with Interpol, an international event began, which ended with his resignation in Honduras in October 2016.

The defendant complains

According to the defense, it has not been proven that blackmailing emails have been sent by mail-checked mailboxes. Besides, there were no other people who reportedly participated in the crime and there is no such clear human guilt.

"I was not aware of any of the accomplices, these people were not heard how the court can determine the degree of error of my person I can not be responsible for this crime, other people did this after my arrest and were not detained, Kopecky said in his last speech,

However, the court upheld the verdict of the city court. "The Supreme Court has proved that the Appellate Court has established the findings of the Court of Appeal and has not found that the court has committed a defect," said Judge Jaroslaw Palka.

Kopetze was convicted of a blackmail offense, a violation of the allegation and a crime.

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