Friday , December 3 2021

Facebook deletes 2.2 billion fake accounts for just one quarter


The social networking of Facebook is very often criticized for allowing the spread of false messages and the subsequent influence of public opinion through targeted attacks by network users who want to use the network to spread their propaganda. This is a form of aggressive political propaganda as well as a contribution to the promotion of violence, terrorism or sexual offenses. The web is still trying to improve its technology to reveal these publications and profiles. For example, for bogus accounts created by different robots or accounts of people who have been deleted a few times, the number of deleted accounts has almost doubled from 1.2 to 2.19 billion accounts in the last quarter.

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The web usually manages to get rid of such bills before the first followers arrive and gather, often in minutes. However, Facebook estimates that about 5% of its 2.38 billion active users are still non-open accounts of this type (about 120 million). The new report on standardized application of the Community also discusses the deleted posts that both artificial intelligence systems and people find. For example, here's how much and what contributions have been removed. Nudity and sexual activity were eliminated in 19.4 million cases, while child nudity was 5.4 million cases. In addition, 2.6 million bullying, 4 million hate speech, 6.4 million counter-terrorism contributions, 900 000 drugs and 670 000 unauthorized weapons have been eliminated.

In addition to spam, which accounts for 1.76 billion, the most common offense is in 33.6 million cases. While for most of the above, the detection of Facebook is about 99% (only about 1% of deleted ones are reported by people), percentages are weaker, for example, for weapons and hate speech (70% and 65% respectively) and the lowest is the harassment that Facebook eliminates on its own initiative in about 14% of cases.

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