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Freddie Mercury and the man in the background 40-year-old photos: Who is he and what has he delivered?


Freddy Mercury, with his body in a 40-year-old photo published by guitarist Brian May this week, hid the controversial nature of Queen's story. Who is Paul Prenter's manager and what did he convey to the group, and most of all to Mercury?

Guitarist queen Brian May boasts a 40-year-old photo of the group on Instagram this week, where his legendary frontman Freddie Mercury hides his manager, Paul Prenter. He was portrayed as a bad guy in a recent biopic about relatives dissatisfaction, though May now acknowledges that this is a shortcut and Paul is not just bad. Who was Prenter then?


Paul Prenter, pictured hidden behind singer Freddie Mercury | photo: Instagram

Prenter was singer-songwriter from 1977 to 1986, and other band members thought he had a bad influence on Mercury. Paul eventually betrayed his client by giving him an open interview about The Sun, an imaginary nail in the ark.

Prenter claims Mercury has slept with hundreds of men, at least two of whom died of AIDS. He also said that there was a better chance of seeing the singer walking on the water than going with a woman. "During the tour, there was a different man every day, rarely going to sleep alone. He was afraid to fall asleep alone, even if he was alone, "he added. Mercury reacted quickly and fired Prenter.

The Prentera relatives believe that Mercury from Bohemian Rhapsody would be disgusting. Mercury's last friend Jim Hutton – alive – probably disagrees. In my book, Mercury and I described how the singer destroyed an article in The Sun. In addition, when he learned that Prenter had received £ 32,000 for him, he became furious.

Freddie didn't talk to him again. In the days that followed, more and more of The Sun, and with each episode of Prenter's history, Freddie became angry, ”Hutton described in the book. Later, Paul said he tried to reach Mercury and explain that he had succumbed to media pressure, but Mercury was not interested in meetings and excuses. It is therefore doubtful that he would be disgusted by the portrayal of Prenter in the film.

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