Monday , October 25 2021

Google, Apple, Amazon and other companies face charges of intentional sales of pirate music


Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Pandora, and other major technology companies are guided by a massive lawsuit in which American composer Harold Arlen's survivors blame companies for deliberately selling pirate versions of his songs and albums. They literally write in the document that the companies have participated in "mass piracy operations".

The Forbes magazine was the first to attract attention to the case. Companies had to sell more than 6,000 pirated songs that Arlen has composed or owns their survivors' rights, and most of them are still to be found in their streaming shops and services.

It should not be the only one

The case claims that all these companies knew well that they were selling and transmitting pirate versions, but they were not. She said it must have been clear to them because they sold them at a much lower price than authorized music providers, and in stores it was often seen that the albums were changed to remove the logo.

Because of this, Harold Arlen's current rights holders insist that companies quickly stop pirate music and reimburse $ 4.5 million.

For companies like Apple, Google or Microsoft, this money is small and even if the court loses, it will not intervene significantly. This, however, can create a precedent, and other authors start talking and demanding compensation. If the pirated music of Arlene really appears in stores, there may be other illegal works of other musicians.

Harold Arlen is an American composer who is best known for his Hollywood and Broadway music. Among other things, he composes Over The Rainbow, which appears in The Wizard of Oz, and the American Record Industry Association, the 20th Century Music Association. Arlen received Oscar for her.

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