Friday , December 3 2021

Hanna Zagorova talks about the end of her career: A clear message to the fans!


Hannah Zagorova has been on the music scene for so long that people can't even imagine her retirement. The singer, however, is talking about him now. Is the end of your career on the table?

This year has been exactly thirty years since Hanna Zagorova was near the end of her singing career. In 1989, she signed a manifesto A few sentences and the Communists correctly avenged her. But after a few months, the regime changed and the popular singer could return to the stage.

But at seventy-seven, she could easily think of retirement, and no one could blame her. "I can't stand without singing, I really can't. I'm not that planner. I'm fatalistic and open to whatever comes, "she told Sedmička weekly.

Zagorova never dreamed that she would still be able to sell halls run by her beloved Lucerne or sing at huge festivals. This was made possible by a remarkable thing she had also talked about in the magazine.

"I really appreciate it because it's amazing. As the generation gradually changes and the range of people who go to my concerts expands, this is great, really. It never occurred to me that I would see something like my age, "she said.

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