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He taught words to speak. With it the whole generation leaves. Colleagues remind Luděk Munzar – CT24 – Czech Television

"I owe to Ludek the wonderful years of friendship and radio co-operation. He was an incredible man, I know it's a cliché, but it is. He was a perfect and brave man with a sense of grace. He is a person who has always taught letters and vocabulary to talk or sing, "recalls ČT moderator of the Czech Radio and poet Frantisek Novotny.

"I owe it not only to the one hundred and twenty parts of the" Fascination "program in a word that repeats the Czech radio, but also for eighty parts of the meeting with Karel Chapek when the writer's vest was incredible. Accidentally, for this cycle, the Chapek brothers want to give us a medal now in February, "said Frantisek Novotny.

Leo with a white mane

"Every role he has done has done perfectly, and he really lived that role, and when I visited him two years ago he went to bed and I suddenly saw that there was a lion with a white man in front of me, maybe this beautiful role is very fond of Luděk, his relationship with Leos Janacek was also extremely intriguing and beautiful, "recalls Novotny Munzar's relationship with classical music.

For the president of the Acting Association, director and actor Ondrzej Kepka, the deceased Manser embodied the "action absolutely." "For me, he was a real true acting actor, and although he was very successful in poetry, he was never miserable, but he always tried to do what he was doing, based on the essence of things," Kepka said.

Generation leaving

"His huge record is Czech or Czechoslovak television. The film was a little skeptical of him, but the TV replaced him. Its role, ie. is an anthology of Czech dramatic art. No contemporary actor has the potential to have such a thing, for such things as the classic adaptations of famous authors are no longer turning, "Kepa continues.

"Although he started playing after the war, he survived the oldest, de facto pre-war generation, then co-created his generation and now he and his generation are finally leaving," he said.

"When I came to the National Theater, I had left school. I felt lost but found courage and asked if it would help me, I did not say what to learn, what theoretical theory … He was so kind that we met, we went from the National Theater to Intercontinental Hotel where he invited me to coffee. He has always told me about his relationship with the National Theater. It is words that are not worn today, as modest and real, "recalled actress Tatiana Medvedchka.

The sad news arrived in today's quiet, snowy wound. At the age of 85, Luděk Munzar, a longtime member of the National Theater, the legend of the Czech film, master of the spoken word, died. Unheard of. Indispensable, "said the Ministry of Culture.

"When fate enters, we lose our right to stay in the world. Amazingly, Lucy Munzar. Recently, we have all remembered his sporting flying or car racing across Europe. I personally will not thank for a beautiful college meeting on TV and on the radio. I think we're all very worrying again, but no one will remember, "said actress Hanna Matsush.

Occupation for one person

"He was a man who could keep silence, as well as humor, to tell not only the theater he was watching, with great insight. He told him it was not a man's job. And in the same way the theater was playing. I admired his acting ratio and expressiveness on the scene at the same time. Of course, his man's hobbies, like driving and flying, are something familiar. And I think he has managed to look at things in this area with landmarks and reserves, "says actor Victor Preiss.

"As a younger generation I know that he has witnessed the star bards of the National Theater and the Great Age, and I think his era ended before the reconstruction of the National Theater Miroslav Machachek," reminds Preiss of 80 years of production considered one of the peaks. of the Czech Theater.

Former Culture Minister Daniel Hermann, on Twitter, expressed a glorious actor thanks to "the cultivation of our art scene for many years. This is a real icon of Czech theater and film. "

Director Jan Hrebeback, who makes a movie with Innocence or the Holy Quartet with a famous actor, also remembers his last death of another legend of Czech culture, Milos Foreman.

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