Thursday , December 3 2020

Is Megan the monkey Kate? A royal sister of the same color the same day!

Megan again went to help prepare the poor people in the community kitchen Hubb Community Kitchen, which has long supported. Again he met the surviving tragic fire of the Grenfel Tower and even gently stroked his pregnancy.

Although he was heading behind the sign, he certainly did not look like the shame of the audience. On the contrary, she was very good in a velvet collar with a velvet collar. They chose black socks and boots of the same color. She did not go outdoors and with her, the baby she wore under her heart also dressed with the beautiful warm American coat, also in the Burgundy shadow.


It would not have been strange if a very similar model did not get out of the closet the same day when your daughter-in-law, Kate's duchessHe studied at the University of London, where he worked with Prof. McCorry on the social and emotional development of young children. She wore a short, lighted skirt over her knees and a flaming blazer on her. But the color was very similar to Megan's clothes. It seemed as if she had black tights and shoes.

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Harry first for a child with Mecan: The most important word stuck in the throat! Reuters

In addition, the duchess agreed with hairstyle – Prince William's coat (36), and her three-legged mother had her brown curls crammed in a horse's tail and a tied black velvet bow, as well as Hari's coat (34) had black hair tied back. So it is perhaps that some members of the royal family are confused at first glance.

Although the ladies did not go to the same event, because in that case the appearance of their clothes will surely attract even more. Besides, no woman likes to be called "in the dress". But if the duchess wanted to argue about it, Catherine would win.

She had the same outfit as early as February 2017 during her visit to Wales, while her daughter-in-law was a rookie in the royal family. Only in May this year. However, disagreement between them is unlikely. When she showed up at Wimbledon in the summer when she was together, she understood her daughter-in-law very well.

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Queen Elizabeth and Duke Mehan for the first time together for the event Reuters

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