Friday , December 3 2021

Island – Bohemians 0-0, Bank wants to increase horseback at home


Ostrovsky G Fleiman escaped with a note to Joseph Ginger from the Bohemians.

| photo: Alexander Satinsk,

Saturday's program of the fifth round will be the biggest race between Ostrava and Bohemia. Domcmu mustvu in front of the fans themselves, and both wins accumulated at the entrances. Will this change the bank? Or a guest to break the wrong balance the opponent has? Run at 3pm, watch online streaming details.

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Ostrava footballers have a great balance against the Bohemians lately, winning it in their last four competitive games. Plus, they did not receive Ch.


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Jenne Bank did not know at home, first giving in to Liberec (1: 2), then Teplice (0: 1). Six points have been fought so far.

The Bohemians are doing just as they are, scoring four points at home and bringing in two portions of the stadiums (0-2 in Jablonec, 2-3 in Pbrami).

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