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It was not our game for a long time, Vorachek said. The advance to the semi-finals was decided with the will


The Czech hockey players started slowly in the quarterfinals and were worried about the difficult Germans for a long time. At the start of the third period, Jakub Voraczek led in 1: 1 and the game was definitely overturned. After winning 5: 1, the Czechs are the best four in the World Cup after four years and one win is a medal.

Bratislava (from our newsletter) "More than fifty minutes was a huge nerve. After taking home Domik Kubalik 3: 1, the Czechs calm down against Germany, added two more goals and enjoyed the procedure.

The winning goal was given by Captain Vracecek in the quarterfinals battle. "It will definitely go, we have survived the renumbering, but I was going to the right, so the record would have been very difficult." If I was on the other side, he would call Fold, "Voracek said.

At 45 minutes he went into the open defense of the Germans with Michael Frolik and Dominik Simon, took the responsibility for himself and pushed the puck twice. "I knew if I fired, he could come back to someone. It happened, and I just swept it away, "the Philadelphia striker smiled.

The Germans threatened five minutes later when Patrick Bartoschak, with the help of Jan Ruta, liquidated the chances of Yasin Ehlis and Kubalik's insurance. "It was not our match, we had legs in the sand for a long time, but we knew that if we stayed in the game, we would score," Voracek said.

– We were patient and he was there. We picked it up, "the captain continued. For a long time, the Czech players have been unable to move the game and make their opponents close. They did not make any chance, the Germans successfully delayed their midfield attacks and threatened from time to time.

Wonderful feeling and great exhaustion

However, according to Voracek, the Czechs do not think about the weight of the situation in the match. "There was no time to doubt even after the unfortunate goal of the Germans in 1: 1 nothing changed, we wanted to create a chance and result," he said.

"Voraas' goal broke, he was particularly important for self-confidence, when it's 1: 1, you still think not to make a mistake, and then we let go of the puck and she kicked us," said the third goalie. Kubalik.

After three unsuccessful quarterfinals at the World Cup, the Czechs enjoyed progressive joy. "It's a great feeling, it takes a lot of energy, we have to hit it now, I'm really tired, it was extremely difficult," said the 29-year-old captain.

Although the Czechs talked about the opponent with respect before the game, they realized they were a favorite against the Germans. "We tried not to think about it, but the weight of the fight was known, we tried to be patient, the Germans did well on Wednesday," Kubalik said.

For a 3: 1 goal, the most productive player in the last season of the Swiss League did not break the net behind goalkeeper Philip Grubauer. "But I'm not going to look for it, it was at the end of the replacement when we shot a bit, I just wanted to throw in the area with a shot," laughed the author of five goals in the World Cup.

The wound that had to force Grubauer to interrupt the game ended in the upper corner. "I did not really look. I just closed my eyes and fired. I thank God for doing so, "Kubalik said.

Schedule after Quarterfinals: Pivko and then work again

The Czechs won in Bratislava for the seventh time of eight games and still have at least five goals each time they win. Overall, they scored 44 goals, the highest of all four teams remaining in the tournament.

In the first 15 points of the championship there are 5 Czech players, Voráček is in third place with 16 points (4 + 12). On Saturday at 3:15 pm, the Czechs meet with Canada in the semi-finals, but after the match with the Germans they still want to enjoy the feelings of progress.

"We are going to beer, then we all sit and talk, and we will start working again on Friday," said coach Milos Chiha. Medal winnings came in seven years. There is one more step to the golden two.

Those who will not go to Bratislava for the last weekend can go to the Old Town Square in Prague, where the World Cup will traditionally be broadcast. Hockey could help win with the Germans.

This year the chances of a set of maple leaves will definitely be higher.

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