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Justin Bieber, the disaster of Iceland. For fans of kehk kaon fans


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Because of the Ill Show Show video, where the vampire wanders on the virgin volcanic island, the Icelandic team has to kill fans who ignore orders, fences and parks.

According to AP, Naden tourists are trying to talk to Hanu Zhangsdtir, the manager of the park, to let them go for a long time, offering them money. Do not let the bag go.

Gudmundur Inggy Gubbrandson, the Environment Minister, unveiled the famous people who visit Iceland to think about their consequences.

Only celebrities can remove the landscape from the effect of repeating the masses, said Grubbrandson. In defense of Bieber, he added that during the video, the canon was not overloaded and the hiking trails were not marked.

The biggest tourist problem for the hucu vegetation, especially for moss. the "canon" series was released two days in the morning, and later the entry was extended until June 1st. The city will only be at the exit if it is dry.

Since the release of the Bibber video, the canon has been attended by a million people, appreciating the city. Tourism is growing around the island. In 2018 there were 2.3 million tourists in Iceland and only 600,000 people in eight years.

Dubrovnik fulfills the need to limit the number of tourists. The crowd of Npor did not

Companies are unable to take a step with the tourist community and do not have precautions that would harm the environment in many cities. Iceland's tourism tourism is also brought by the Snake Thorn Game, which is housed there.

Serial, which culminated in the last night on Sunday evening, accompanying tourists and other places. The idea is to have Dubrovnik Dubrovnik, who built Krlov, and Irish meadows around Belfast.

Icelandic Clip Justin Bieber:

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