Monday , October 25 2021

Kate and William opened the garden: the queen fired her clothes


Duchess Cambridge visited the garden with Prince William and the children before opening. He wanted to promote it properly. She was involved in her proposal. In the back garden you can see a tree house or a variety of swinging ropes.

On this day the family dressed as in nature. Kate wore wide pants with a camel and a white T-shirt. The Prince preferred a one-color t-shirt.

Today, Chelsea is launching the flower show. Queen Elizabeth, who was not afraid of courageous strangeness when she met the grandchildren's and his wife's previous clothes, came to the official opening.

"You look very neat today," said Harry's suit and his wife's clothes.


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source: Profimedia

Opening of a unique garden project in London Chelsea – 2

"We took care of it," Harry replied. Then everyone laughed at the wheel. The Queen was still shooting, especially when Harry had to wear his shirt instead of the green shirt of the day before.

"As far as garden design is concerned, Kate has been inspired by her childhood but has also left flowers popular among the individual members of the royal family," Daily Mail writes.

Do not forget the forgotten princess Diana liked. The garden was designed by Kate along with architects Andre Davis and Adam White.

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