Monday , October 25 2021

Mikolas Josef: Did he really spend millions on this?


Singer Mykolaas Joseph released her last summer hit Acapella. A song that has been produced for four years has cost him millions of crowns!

As Sedmička pointed out, the recording took place in Toronto, London, Barcelona, ​​Prague and Los Angeles. Mycologist collaborates with artists from 12 different nationalities.

In addition, the song has been produced for four years, which means that work on it has begun before the release of Lie To Me, with which Mikolas noted the Czech success of the Eurovision.

Mioclas Joseph – Acapella (3:25)
| Source: YouTube

"I am a great fan of Latin American culture, and I love playing for the southern peoples, people can hardly describe the energy in it, which was an inspiration for the Akapela song," said Mikolaas.

"Production has never been more expensive, it takes a long time and we have never prepared a song with this kind of care, and the price of this song with the clip is over $ 250,000," he says. The conversion is more than five and a half million crowns!

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