Saturday , June 12 2021

More Ukrainians can come to the Czech Republic, approved by the government –

According to the Ministry of Labor, 121 086 people from Ukraine were employed in the Czech Republic at the end of last year. Thus, they account for over a fifth of foreign employees in the Czech Republic.

At the table, the government received two options for determining their salaries. According to the former, the forces in the Ukrainian regime must receive at least one median for their profession. According to the second option, it is ultimately to approve 1.2 times the guaranteed salary, ie. this year according to the profession of at least 16 020 to 32 040 crowns. Initially, the quota increase was due in April. According to the Chamber of Commerce, the term "de facto changes" in early November, more job applications have to be launched in September.

Officials for 100 million

The Czech Republic has a recruitment program starting in 2016. Initially, 3800 people were allowed to come there yearly. Due to labor shortages and employers' demands, their number has increased twice. First, 9,600, then 19,600.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has previously indicated in the government documents that the capacity of the project is insufficient and that more than 80 days are waiting for the application card for the working card. About a fifth of Ukrainians give up waiting. The processing times and deadlines for biometric data are extended. Therefore, the Ministries of the Interior, the Foreign Ministries and the Ministries of Labor want additional posts to double the quota.

According to the Chamber of Commerce, the waiting period for the mandate at the consulate in Lviv was extended to 105 days. Strengthening the number of officials and inspectors will cost about 100 million crowns a year, some 48 million a year. The House said spending would be covered by higher administrative fees than employees' card applicants.

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