Thursday , October 6 2022

Next week it will be up to 30 degrees, it will cool in early September


Over the next week, temperatures in the Czech Republic can rise to a tropical 30 degrees Celsius. But it will also rain more. It will cool in early September, with average maximum afternoon temperatures only around 21 degrees. The result is a weather forecast for the next four weeks, published by the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute.

"We expect the period from August 19 to September 15 to be average to just above average," meteorologists said. Over the next week, minimum nighttime temperatures will initially vary from 19 to 15 degrees, gradually from 14 to 10 degrees. In the afternoon the highs will rise to thirty, but only 24 degrees Celsius can be expected in the middle of the week.

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According to meteorologists, the coldest week should be September 2-8. The weekly average of the lowest night temperatures will be around nine degrees, and the weekly average of the highest daytime temperatures will be about 21 degrees.

The long-term average temperature in the Czech Republic for these four weeks is 15.3 degrees. The coldest year was 1957, when the average reached just 12.9 degrees. On the contrary, the warmest was in 2016 with an average of 18.6 degrees.

"The period as a whole should be average rainfall. The first week is likely to be above average, with an average of about 20 millimeters. The remaining weeks will be average to below average," meteorologists added.

The monthly forecast expresses the overall nature of the weather and therefore does not cover all possible fluctuations, CHMI warns. According to meteorologists, the success of the forecast is about 75 percent at temperatures and about 65 percent at precipitation. The forecasts for the third and fourth weeks are often close to the long-term climatic values ​​for the respective periods.

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