Monday , November 29 2021

One and a half million in a day! Mickey Joseph has released a new hit and we have a world star


It is true that when Mikhail Josef did not stand at the top of the Eurovision world contest with his hit "I Throw" last year, it may seem like a failure.

Wrong. The semi-final performance attracted audiences from all over the world and Mickey Josef became a skillful winner of people watching and commenting each country every year. The social networks that have long been a trend, and what the trend will be and what will fall, have brought Mykolaas into the sky, and managers all over the world have dedicated themselves to an unknown Czech whose name they could not even say but it was clear to the Czech Republic is unprecedented in the competition.

Finally, when Mikolas Josef did not win and Israeli Netta took the first place with his song Toy, things just started to show just how much the streaming video service cost.

Only one day has accumulated an incredible number of comments from around the world and they are angry that the "Czech maniac" rightfully takes first place and Neta has taken her laurel wreath.

Nothing like that will change anything, but instead of Mykola's great success, the burden of what professional pressure means. They have already noticed it in the world, and although it's a nice feeling, it's even worse because fans from abroad are waiting for their next creation and when they do not meet their expectations after the boom with my Lie, its fragile name quickly fits.

Today, you can hear in Czech radio something that many of us still consider to be a work from outside, the song Me Gusta, where Czech listeners are amazed to discover that this is not a super American star but a modest Czech singer who wanted to initially nurture modeling .

But now there is someone who composes, texts and even directs his songs. And that people rated him on his new song Acapella, which he released on YouTube on May 23, and gathered 1.5 million posts within 24 hours.

And not only this.

Multitask Mikolos turns to foreign listeners with their language skills, local Spaniards appreciate his perfect Spanish, and his Americans write that he may confuse the Czech Republic with Chechnya, but his voice and his stream will be recognized safely in every fifty sounds. Enthusiasm does not accept borders, and if you think a Czech summer can never be born in the Czech Republic, we are at the birth of something extraordinary.

The best thing Mykolaus can do is that the Acapella also hit the Dospat – one day we will want him to stop playing again and again.

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