Saturday , June 12 2021

Petra Yanu rejected the man: That's the reason!

Singer Petra Janou often has to answer annoying questions about whether she has found a new husband after her husband's death. Now she came up with an answer that allowed her to come out gently. She found love elsewhere.

It has been more than seven years since Michal Zelenka, husband and producer and manager, died in the popular singer Petra Janu. Since then, the charismatic star of the local pop music in vain has been looking for another man who could understand so well, so he turned in a different direction.

Because it was a passion for the stuffed machines with hundreds of horses under the hatch, so much that he even named his new car. But it's not rude, his name is Bobbie. What else did the popular singer tell him?

For example, he has a slot machine, but he does not change anything. "I once had a car crash and a crushed ankle, and on a long journey I appreciate doing only two, not three pedals, actually going alone," says a woman who travels thousands of kilometers each year on her way to the concerts.

Petra also revealed how he differs from most Czech drivers, although they are often not surprised to do so. "" I'm not trying to be much behind the wheel … That's what's happening, "says the singer.

"But on the way to the concerts I sing, then many in the neighborhood who are passing do not understand why the lady sits there and makes such grimaces," jokes Petra Yan at the end. But who knows it behind the wheel is probably not surprised.

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