Wednesday , August 17 2022

Prusa Research's Joseph Prussa is on the Guinness Book of Records


In Prague, the world record fell in the number of parallel printed 3D printers. A total of 1,096 were printed in the production hall of Prusa Research, which led the company to the Guinness Book of Records. The current record was 159 printers.

The Czech company Prusa Research currently holds approximately one-tenth of the world market share. So far, it has sold over 130,000 printers and reported CZK 1.14 billion in revenue last year.

The printers involved in breaking the production hall record are mainly producing parts for new 3D printers. In addition to 550 continuous production machines, the company also uses several hundred printers from its employees' offices. All printers started in five minutes. The prints will create a mosaic that will be exposed at the entrance of the Prussian plant.

"On our farm (so Průša talks about production, note red.) every day we print parts for up to 300 new 3D printers. At the same time, almost every office in your company has one or more printers, including an accountant or buyer room. The recording is a reminder of how versatile 3D printing can be – you can use it in production, in prototyping, and just for fun and entertainment, "said Prusa Research CEO Josef Prussia.

Founded in 2012, Prusa Research has been named the fastest growing technology company in Central Europe with a growth of 17,118 percent in Deloitte Technology Fast 50 in 2018.

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