Sunday , June 13 2021

Ready! Sparta Prague Futsali have the first title

Futsal of AC "Sparta" Prague

Sparta ended Hrudim's 12-year reign in the semifinals. In the duel for the title, Beni Simitsi Teplice coach gave no chance to win only once in the first match and the series scored 16: 1.

At the same time, the Nordic players entered the finals after 13 consecutive games and Sparta was the last defeat in mid-January.

Futsal Sparta celebrates the championship title, coach Benny Simitschi has been there for years.

"It was good that we went to Teplice in 2: 0, we were under no pressure, the defense worked very well in the whole series and I do not know if this is because we have many goals at Hrudym or a weaker final opponent. more difficult than against Teplice, "Sparta goalkeeper Ondrej Vahala said.

"All Sparta fans have to be happy now, in the first year of the team, I promised them the finals and I succeeded, and in the second I promised the title and we got it.

He says he had the best team ever to run this season. For the key moment of the season, he does not intend to win the semifinals over the master of Chrudim, but defeated Melnik in the regular season of the league. "We broke the record for this record," he said proudly.

In Sparta's Spade, Tomasz Drawowski shone throughout the season, winning the championship title as a well-deserved award for the team's presentation in the red jerseys. "The whole season was excellent, except for the little breaks, the main was on his way to the title because we eliminated Hrudihm in the semi-finals," he said after the match for the championship title.

Final game of the first soccer league – 3rd match
Teplice – Sparta Prague 0: 6 (0: 4) |
objectives: 11. and 36. Drahovsky, 8. Cupák, 16. Wilde, 20. Seidler, 35. Novak. Finals: 0: 3.

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